Vaccine – Adults should receive regular vaccination


In the long term, several new vaccines can be put into practice, among other things, against chickenpox, Journalen writes.

The proposal comes in a report presented by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) to the Ministry of Health and Care.

FHI recommends a whole new national adult vaccination program.

The goal is for adults who have not taken baby vaccines to get them. In addition, those who have received them will be offered regular refreshments to maintain the effect. With over 65 years of age, the program will also offer vaccination coverage against pneumococcus.

According to FHI, the measures will lead to fewer visits and less use of antibiotics.

recycling rates

Not all childhood vaccines provide life protection. It is therefore recommended that all adults take a diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio vaccine every 10 years.

FHI emphasizes that this applies to all adults, not just those who think about traveling abroad.

Soft drinks are important both for their own individual protection and for maintaining high immunity in the population.

As it is today, it is up to the individual to monitor their own vaccination and find out when there is a need for replenishment. There is also a cost that the individual must take.

FHI writes in its Internet pages that, with low vaccination coverage, diseases that we have in Norway today, such as poliomyelitis and diphtheria, may come back.

Here you can check your vaccines

If you have questions about taking a vaccine and if you need a refreshment dose, check all of your vaccines at

You will find it in the same place as other health services services such as prescriptions.

You can check the status of the vaccine for you and your own children under the age of 16.

The information is based on vaccines that the health care provider, general practitioner, or vaccination center listed in the national immunization record.


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