US history – beats record at World Cup


GOAL! Lindsey Horan celebrates the first goal against Sweden. Photo: Peter Powell / EPA

(Sweden 0-2 USA) Never before have a team scored 18 goals in the group stage of the World Cup. After scoring twice in the group's final against Sweden, the US is now historic.

It was set for the finals of the group, when Sweden and the United States barked together, but it took only three minutes for the Americans to apply their first punch for free. A corner kick was engraved low, but it popped all over the field.

In front of the goal, Lindsey Horan appeared and nudged in 1-0.

In a settlement that was actually quite good, it was the United States that had more flow in the box. Five minutes after half-time, Tobin Heath picked up the ball on the right side and entered. Whether she tried to enter or shoot is not so important, but the ball hit the Swedish Jonna Andersson and jumped in the goal.

Thus, the United States scored their 18th goal in the group stage and wrote the history of the World Cup.

A good portion of the 18 goals came in the Thailand deal, where the USA won the 13-0. In the second group game, 3-0 against Chile, before demoting the Swedes 2-0.

The target historical record strips the United States from Norway. At the 1995 World Cup, the Norwegian national team swept the World Cup and went out of the group stage with 17-0 on goal difference.

When the group stage of the 2019 World Cup ends, it is the US that have the new record of 18-0 in goal difference.

The Americans, therefore, have not entered a single goal so far in the championship. With the win over Sweden, the USA win the group and find Spain in the eighth final.

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