Trailer left the road in Hundbergan


Lost horse. Red-brown horse with black mane and tail missing in the Bjørkebakken area in Brøstadbotm, reported at 7.25pm ​​tonight. Last watched 4 hours ago. For observation, call 02800, informs the police district of Troms.

Lost puppy. Gordon Setter disappeared black and brown from the Dalsletta area in Harstad, reported at 6 pm Sunday night. Blue collar. After the observation, call 02800, reports of the police district of Troms. The dog arrived now, reported in 19,32.

All emergency servicessays that the trailer was expelled at Hundbergan in Tromsø, lies next to it, is reported at 18:30 on Sunday. The driver has recovered, does not appear to be physically injured according to reports, reports the Troms police district.

Traffic Accident in North Troms. Car left the road 5-6 km south of Burfjord, 1 person in the car, is aware and is taken care of by health. Very happy on the spot, we are on a trip to the site, announces the police district of Troms at 18:00 pm on Sunday.

UP had the promille control at E12 at Raudvatnet in Mo i Rana, police said. 53 controlled, no results, Nordland reports police district.

Woman at the end of the 30 years taken by drunk driving in Mo i Rana, police report at 17:00 Prepared for the doctor for evidence. A case is being settled, Nordland police said.

The patrol stopped. a man in the middle of 20 years in Leknes on suspicion of driving in a race condition and without a driver's license, police are reported at 15.30 on Sunday. The man recognized driving and is made for medical attention by evidence. A case is being settled, Nordland informs the police district.

Traffic Accident Report by fv. 82 Kleiva at Sortland at 11.55. A car went out of the way. It is not clear whether it is personal injury. Noodles are on the way. Emergency data are in place, four people in a car that has run out. Checked by ambulance. It is very easy on the spot, the VTS is notified of this, inform the police at 12:05. No person is injured on the spot. The road is closed for car storage, reported at 12.34 by the Nordland police district.The weather is opened again for normal traffic. The road is also sprinkled and salted, is reported at 12.55.

helicopter ambulance caught two people from the Blåmann store in the town of Öløya after one hit a broken arm, reported at 11:40 am on Sunday. It is very slippery in the mountains, reports the Troms police district.

Car is driving Get off the road in Kleiva due to the soft and slippery lead, is reported in 10.18. No personal injury. Police are in place to direct traffic, reports the Nordland police district. Bilberging is on his way to the site, the police are leaving.

Notification of the evolution of the smoke of the building in Mo Industripark at 10:20 on Sunday. Emergency services on the way. The fire department has fire control, there was no fire in the area of ​​dangerous goods, is reported at 11:20. Three people were evacuated from the current buildings, reports the Nordland police district. The noodles leave the place, there was no fire, but the development of smoke. Unknown cause, possible electric.

Two children aged 15 years who tried to get on a trip home in Harstad to his guardians, reported at 3:00. They both drank alcohol, reports the Troms police district.

Police Car Attack: A man attacked a police car with stones in Bodø just before 02:00, from night to Sunday. The relationship was reported, but the subject is unknown.

Evenes: All the emergency rooms have spread to a fire in a secluded house in Tårstad. There should be no people in the house.

Ranshift against a kiosk in the center of Narvik. No personal injury, please report at 16.05 on Saturday. The perpetrator is arrested. Investigation began, Nordland informs police district.

In the Oscarsborg area In Narvik, there are several cars that have been swapped / fired in their cars, please report it at 55.55 on Saturday. Those who had their cars parked in the area tonight should check that everything is okay, Nordland informs the police district.

Driving licenses seizuresA man in the 1930s was taken in speed control just before midnight to Sunday. The man was measured 76 km / h in an area of ​​50. The driver's license plate accessories were made in Gisundbrua, in the municipality of Ibestad.

drunk driving: Nordland police stopped shortly after midnight to pass a driver in Saltstraumen for drunk driving.

Damaged Notification person in Glomtinden, police report at 1:10 pm on Saturday afternoon. Emergency and rescue personnel are on-site and working on location, says the Nordland police district.

The patient is removed from the air ambulance, taken to the Hospital Gravdal for further treatment, reported on 13.22. The rescue operation is over. Health accepted, reports the Nordland police district.

A beaten person in a nachspiel in the center of Tromsø, police said Saturday morning, the person who was beaten was unconscious. Driving to the emergency department with ambulance. Damage interval uncertain. We have control of the perpetrator. If it will be created.

The unconscious person is now awake and ready, police report at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. The case is being investigated further, Tromas informs the police district.


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