Trailer drove down the road in Laukslett


Police are writing on Twitter around 6:30 p.m., when all emergency services exploded after they received a message that a trailer had driven down the road and was located next to Ramfjord. According to reports, the driver must have recovered and does not appear to be physically injured.

Kåre Munkvold, operations manager for the Troms police district, said that the exit unit had approached ASKO in Laukslett.

"The trailer is well off the road and does not stop more traffic," says Munkvold.

The driver tells Nordlys that he drove after a car appeared on his lane.

"I do not know if he had taken a detour, but at least he came across the wrong side of the road. I therefore let the trailer get out to the edge, which gave off, says the driver to Nordlys.

"He must have found a vehicle that was a bit too long on the opposite lane. The driver of the trailer got away in the accident and went to the ditch," says Munkvold.

Around 9.30 pm, the operation's manager said the car was about to be shaken.

"They are preparing to get ready for storage now, so any track will be left open or ignored by Lauksletta, we are there and we direct the traffic on the site," says Munkvold.

At 22:56, police informs that the trailer is on the road and that a lane has been opened.


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