Tottenham out of title fight for giant losses


Chelsea – Tottenham 2-0 (0-0)

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Great game at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea and Tottenham met for the two local and best teams on Wednesday night.

In that town were Chelsea, with the new goalkeeper among the bars, who was the strongest, and won by 2 to 0 after the megas of Kieran Trippier, Tottenham.

Thus, Tottenham probably retired from the title fight. While Chelsea got the medicine they needed.

– This was the opportunity slipped between Tottenham's fingers, says TV commentator 2, Kasper Wikestad.

Goalkeeper exchange

The first team Kepa Arrizabalaga was referred to the bank after the behavior in the league cup final. On Wednesday night's goal, Willy Caballero, who has played seven games in the World Cup, has been present in the first game of the season since the start of the season.

The fight against Tottenham may have started with a conflict, but it was anything but a conflict that marked Chelsea against Tottenham.

"Just touching me is a pleasure. We hear a lot about what happened that day. What is good is that no matter what happens. We are all happy, even Kepa was fantastic and supported me today. We did it
good as a team, says Caballero.

Maurizio Sarri was happy with what the goalkeeper showed against Chelsea.

– Caballero is a good goalkeeper with good experience and he is a good man. For us, it's very important on the pitch and in the wardrobe, says the Chelsea manager.

Chelsea in office after five minutes

Five minutes had elapsed before Chelsea became dangerous. But Gonzalo Higuaín had to settle for the post, only millimeters to send the hosts in the lead.

Hissig was the word that described Chelsea at the beginning of the first round, and with positive meaning. The hosts were loud and pressed Tottenham from the first minute. Sarri had the reaction to the choice to reject Kepa and his comment before the game
that "is a message for my group. We are a group and not 25 unique players."

– A very good response from the house staff. Some imagined that they should have heavy bones, that he lost the wardrobe after what happened on Sunday. But this has been a solid Chelsea team and they have been the best
done in the first 17-18 minutes, says TV commentator 2, Jesper Mathisen.

Tottenham on the cross

But when Tottenham played for the first time for free, they showed dangerous tendencies. But Caballero in Chelsea's cage gave Sarri the confirmation that it was the right decision to put him between the bars.


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