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Thousands met then D.D.E. protested against the change of activity on the Namsos campus – NRK Trøndelag – local news, TV and radio

Last week, Hanne Solheim Hansen, Vice Chancellor of North University, presented a proposal to close the departments of Nesna and Sandnessjøen.

That made a big commitment.

The director also proposes that most of the university's activity in Namsos, in addition to various study areas in Steinkjer, be transferred.

– If you remove the university, you will eventually remove some of the departments and services from the hospital and. Maybe not immediately, but in time it disappears. It rains, says Bjarne Brøndbo.

Stay together

Tuesday evening, D.D.E. for a free concert in protest against the proposal of the Rector of the North. About six thousand spectators met. It also did the 14 Namdal rapporteurs and the Steinkjer mayor. Never before have so many been gathered at the Festplassen in Namsos.

Arnhild Holstad, mayor of Namsos (Ap), says it is absolutely crucial that they be together.

"People from all over Namdalen come here. It says something that means something to all the counties of Namsos, says Holstad.

Protest of mayors

SUMMARY OF THE SCENE: The presidents of Namdal and the mayor of Steinkjer stood together on stage when Arnhild Holstad, mayor of Namsos (Ap), appealed from the stage.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

Requires stop

Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, head of the Center Party, was also present during the evening demonstration.

Manager of SP Trygve Slagsvold Vedum

The Center Party's chief, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, demands that the government be blatantly clear and that any change in the structure of the study at the University of Nord be halted. "It's important to Namsos and it's important to Namdal." It also affects many campuses in Nordland and elsewhere in Trøndelag.

Photo: Dan Henrik Klausen / NRK

– This is a 100% political responsibility. If you leave university with nursing education, there will be a danger to the hospital in the next round. And that's the problem when the government merges universities and colleges. So they have centralized power, and now you see the centralization of educational places.

It requires that the closure and reallocation of the academic environment be disrupted.

– Here you have to develop study environments and not dismantle them, says Vedum.

Amdal Hellesø, head of the Namdalen regional council, says it is important for Namdal to keep the department because it means so much for the development of society.

– 80 percent of the people who work as nurses and nurses in Namdalen have studied here, says Hellesø.

A little hope

One of the arguments for closing the departments in Nesna and Sandnessjøen is that the university will thus allocate NOK 50 million per year.

The Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø (V), says that the university has enough money and that the economy is not a factor for the places of study to be closed.

According to the proposal for a new study structure, one of the challenges of the Namsos campus is that there are few qualified candidates for the development of the academic community. Also not very attractive to the best students.

Aina Hildrum, leader of the study at the University of Nord in Namsos, says the proposal was a shock. However, they have little hope that the council will be transformed.

– We have witnessed some additional assessments which, among other things, point to Namsos.

The board of the Nord University met in Stjørdal on Tuesday morning. They now want more thorough investigations of the consequences of changing more studies.

The council will decide on a new study structure on June 26.

Protests against the relocation of the Namsos campus

COMPLETE PROTEST: "Stop the furor of the University of the North in Namsos". Many of those who met at the concert took banners and posters.

Photo: Kjartan Trana / NRK

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