Thought the lack was missing "Picasso" artwork – was fooled


TYPE OF ART: In 2012, seven works of art were stolen from a museum in Rotterdam, including
TYPE OF ART: In 2012, seven works of art were stolen from a museum in Rotterdam, including Pablo Picasso's "Tête d & # 39; Arlequin" in the lower right corner. Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP


The work of art that was thought of was Pablo Picasso's disappeared painting, "Tête d & # 39; Arlequin", now revealed as a farce.


VG was among several international media that Sunday wrote about it What was assumed was the lack of Picasso's painting, was delivered Romanian authorities on Saturday.

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The painting is one of the seven famous works of art that were stolen in 2012 of a museum in Rotterdam i Netherlands.

Now it turns out that the discovery of art was a feat of the two Belgian directors
Bart Baele and Yves Degryse, who are behind the project "True Copy" – a theater project dedicated to the fake Dutch artist Geert Jan Jansen.

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Jansen must have been behind a series of fakes of famous works of art, according to the duo.

It was the Dutch artist Mira Feticu who found the work of art Romania after receiving a letter describing where to find the painting.

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On Sunday she told Dutch national broadcaster NOS that she had been cheated and that she was the victim of a publicity stunt:

"I received a letter written in Romanian with instructions from where the painting was hidden. Feticu told AFP.

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The instructions should have taken her to a forest in Romania, where she collapsed with the Dutch journalist Frank Westerman.

Dutch journalist Ewoud Kieviet shared a photo on Twitter by Feticu, who reviews the painting:

Feticu already wrote a novel based on the art of theft in 2012. For the Dutch NOS, she announced that she should have received an email from the Belgian duo, recognizing that it was all part of True Copy.

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In the email sent to Feticu, the two directors argue that there are still fakes by Geert Jan Jansen in museums around the world.

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