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Thief revealed by mistake – Dagbladet

On Monday night, Leangen Travbane in Trondheim was stolen from a million-kronor TV camera. The thief's mistake led to his arrest shortly after.

Sports manager Robert Jakobsen says the races ended the night and he was about to return home when he was greeted with the message that the camera had been stolen.

The thief must also have tried to hide the camera under a flag.

– I rarely get stressed. But that was a little unpleasant, he tells Dagbladet.


When the camera was stolen, it broadcast live footage that the tram officials investigated. There, they found a recording that showed a reflection of the thief in a window when he left the scene, according to Jakobsen.

"So we had an idea where he was going," says Jakobsen.

He says the technical manager at the trot track sought out the car thief. At Ikea Leangen, he found the thief and the camera.

STOLEN: On Monday night, this valuable camera was stolen. Photo: Leangen Travbane
STOLEN: On Monday night, this valuable camera was stolen. Photo: Leangen Travbane
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The police prison

He also managed to get the camera off the thief, but the drama is not over, says Dagbladet, operations manager in Trøndelag police district Frank Brevik.

"The thief escaped the one who stopped him." So we had to employ a police dog to arrest him, Brevik says, adding:

– Now he's sitting safely in jail. The investigation will continue tomorrow, and then a police lawyer will decide what to do next.

The person arrested is a man in his 20s. He is described as a police officer.

Sport manager Jakobsen is proud of the police.

– Police arrived at the scene after a few minutes. They were fast and efficient.

Operations Manager Brevik is pleased to hear that people think the police are making a good contribution.

Works reward

Jakobsen, on the other hand, is more critical of the thief.

"Probably not the most thoughtful theft in the world."

Now the sports manager promises to earn a reward for tonight's hero.

I am very happy with him. It was a resolute and quick action. He will now receive soda sandwiches or a piece of cake, says Jakobsen.

He says they also experienced that someone tried to steal a camera several years ago and noticed routine changes in the trot track.

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