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The news that Princess Märtha Louise (47) found love again after the break with Ari Behn (46), knocked over like a bomb in the Norwegian press last month. It was the princess herself who announced that she had become the girlfriend of the shaman Durek Verrett (44), an ad that would create headlines around the world.

Since then, many and many have been written about the rather fresh relationship, in which especially the choice of the girlfriend by the princess has created a huge debate.

Verrett is considered by many to be a controversial figure, in part because he earns large sums in his alleged spiritual abilities. He also has several Hollywood names on the guest list, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Rutherford.

After the relationship with the princess became known, it also emerged that Märtha Louise's ex-wife had already been in a relationship with a man.

Copenhagen: The same happened with the lecture tour of Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett, "The Princess and the Shaman" in Copenhagen. Video: Johannes Theodor Fjeld, Dagbladet. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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It takes the leaf of the mouth

Durek Verrett found love with massage therapist Hank Greenberg (47) of Los Angeles in 2007 – and was in a relationship with him by 2015. Greenberg remained discreet after the new ecstasy novel became known, but still interviewed by the British newspaper Daily Mail recently.

CREATING TITLES: Veja and Hør also discussed the interview with Hank Greenberg in his latest issue.
CREATING TITLE: See and Hør also discussed the interview with Hank Greenberg in his latest issue.
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In the interview, Greenberg asks questions about his relationship with Durek Verrett today. The answer should be considered somewhat double:

"I love Durek deeply and wish him all the best, but I have nothing good to say about him," he says.

The 47-year-old points out that he believes "the former has tremendous talent" and that he believes in his mission. However, he questioned Verrett's "methods".

"I'm sorry to believe he's genuine, based on my personal experience with him," continues Greenberg.

Today, the masseur settled with a new boyfriend in the state of Arizona, in the United States.

The case continues during the video.

OUT OF PRESS: Princess Märtha Louise brought a clear message to the press when she started shaman's class in Stavanger on Monday night.
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– I'm attracted to men

In an interview with the Dagbladet Magasinet in May, Durek Verrett did not hide that he fell in love with women and men.

"Am I attracted to men?" Yes. Am I attracted to women? Yes, but it is based on love. It's masculinity and femininity in women and men, and I advocate love regardless of sex, he said in the interview.

The self-proclaimed shaman believes that his new girlfriend has a masculine and feminine side. This makes it hard to put in a box, which he really appreciates. It's exactly the same thing he feels about himself.

"You can not be with someone trying to fit into a box." So yes – I was in a relationship with a man. It was a wonderful experience and I will always love it. But he just wanted to be with the men, he says, and continues:

"Okay, but for me it's unconditional love that's important, so it did not work. I do not define myself as gay or bisexual. I only identify with one thing, and that's love, the 44-year-old man explained openly in the interview.

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