The RBK coach agrees fully with Jesper Mathisen


See goals from Bodø / Glimt – RBK 0-2 at the top

TV 2 football specialist Jesper Mathisen said after a 0-2 loss to Rosenborg's Bodø / Glimt that "they say they need time but Trondheim never gets there in time."

It is a statement that Eirik Horneland now agrees.

"Are you busy with results?"

– You're crazy. You do not have time in Rosenborg. I'm fully aware of this, but I'm not worried. I focus on work, says Horneland for TV 2 Monday.

"It's going to take some time, it does matter anyway. And when it comes to new ideas and new ways to play, it would be naïve to think that we would get off the starting ramp, win the first ten games and show brilliant performance,
on the other hand Pål André Helland for TV 2 Sunday night.

Looking for a whole

In the RBK field, they now lick the wounds after the loss. From Wednesday, there will be reviews and launches against the first opportunity of counterattack – at home against Odd Monday.

"How would you come back?"

– Three points against Odd are the best way to go back, but we have to play a good football game. We have to act as a whole, which we think is equally offensive and defensive – and we should produce a lot more chances of scoring, says the coach.

"Do you sleep well after such losses?"

"I always sleep badly for matches, but otherwise I sleep well. We have faith in ourselves and in what we do.


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