The premiere of the film directed by Norwegian by Liam Neeson canceled in New York


VETERAN MOVIE: Liam Neeson, here at a premiere in London some time ago. Photo: Vianney Le Caer / AP

Although the Hollywood star (66) has come out and has stated that it is not racist, it is now determined that the American premiere of the film "Cold Pursuit" directed by Norway will be canceled after the controversial declarations of the star.


Sky News reports Tuesday night.

The revenge thriller with the Irishman Neeson is directed by the Norwegian Hans Petter Moland (63). The movie was canceled only a few hours before it appeared.

Moland flew to New York yesterday to watch the premiere in New York.

Updated Noise? Liam Neeson would kill "black bastard"

"Cold Pursuit" has a Norwegian premiere in Norway on March 1st. The film directed by Norway is the American version of "Kraftidioten", with which Hans Petter Moland was in Berlin in 2014, and where Stellan SkarsgÄrd (67) played the leading role. Moland is now in New York, where the red carpet and movie premiere await him.

VG could not get in touch with Moland.

Have violently provoked

The reason for the cancellation is that the movie star in an interview earlier this week told how he walked the streets with a gun, furious with revenge after one of his loved ones was raped by a black man.

"I walked several streets with a staff, waiting to be confronted by someone. I'm ashamed to say that, but for about a week I turned around and wished a black bastard came out of a pub and gave me something, you know? Then I could kill him, Neeson told The Independent.

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bottom: Liam Neeson Shocked In Newspaper Interview

Refuse to be a racist

Reactions did not fail. The last two days Neeson has become sabbed in social media for what many describe as racism. Now he chose to answer for himself.

Earlier today, Tuesday, the world famous Irishman appeared on the TV show "Good Morning America," where he was directly confronted with the audience in the studio by reporter Robin Roberts (58).

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"I'm not racist," Neeson emphasizes in the interview.

Neeson also mentions that the rape he's been talking about is 45 years in the past, and that the woman who was exposed to him no longer lives.

Has the priest's help

He does not refuse to say what he did. Then there is also audio interview file. Neeson also now describes the "primitive revenge" he felt, and tells how he searched areas where there were many interviewees to get a pretext to kill.

"I went out four or five times with that goal in mind. Until I held on. This need for revenge shocked and hurt me. I sought professional help and talked to a priest – I am a Catholic.

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In what must be described as a solid alpine root, the TV representative asks Neeson if he realizes how much he injured many with what he said. She asks what he thinks about being able to kill a completely innocent man at that time, just because of the color of the skin.

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"Yes, you're absolutely right. But I did not think about it at that moment. And that shocked me. Primal hatred, Neeson says, explaining that the statement fell under the pressure of "Cold Pursuit." Here, Neeson plays a father who seeks revenge after his son was killed.

Thank God

The veteran of the film explains part of the violent reaction at the time he grew up in Northern Ireland, with riots as a result of the war between Catholics and Protestants. He claims that he reacted in the same way if his friend said that the rapist was British, Irish, Lithuanian or Scottish.

"I tried to defend my dear friend and defend his honor, but in a cruel way. As the very intelligent guy that I am, it surprised me when I came back to myself. Fortunately, this did not end violently, thank God. Violence breeds violence, he says.

Neeson seems uncomfortable where he sits, and Roberts praises him for not "escaping," but preparing to condemn his own reaction from that time. It points to the fact that there is no one disclosure behind what he now speaks, but that Neeson's self chooses voluntarily to tell about what he has experienced.

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Roberts asks what Neeson wants people to learn from his trust.

"Let people open up and dare to speak." We all try to be politically correct. But we only scratch the surface when it comes to racism and hypocrisy. I remember when we recorded "Schindler's List" 26 years ago. The drivers who took us to the set made disparaging remarks about the Jews. I did not believe in my ears, says Neeson, who won the Oscar for the role of Oskar Schindler.

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