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The police are making new searches in the water

NEWS SEARCH: Monday the police make new searches by boat and dog in Langvannet next to the property of the couple.

FJELLHAMAR (VG) This week, police are conducting further investigations into the property of the Hagen couple and Langvannet. In addition, they will search a pond that has not been previously investigated.

In search of answers to what happened to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (69) when she disappeared in October of last year, police now new research.

At 2 pm on Monday the police had a boat in Langvannet, a dog was also on the boat. Police searched from side to side in the water outside the couple's property.

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Around 15:00 the police removed the boat from Langvannet. They will now look for Vesletjern, which has not been investigated previously.

Police also made further searches on the couple's property.

Police say searches will last up to three days, and criminal search dogs will be used.

The waters are located on both sides of the property of the couple in Sloraveien 4 in Fjellhamar. The long water is right next to the property, while the Vesletjern is a few hundred meters away.

Obtaining assistance from Sweden

Kripos got assistance from Swedish police colleagues to request the two lakes in Lørenskog.

– We're Swedish police. He is a criminal dog who, among other things, specializes in pursuit of water, says a Swedish driver of VG dogs.

The boat they use is also taken from Sweden.

Local police officers talk a lot about future work.

– planned investigations

"There is planned research being done now. They are not triggered by new information in the case, says Police Inspector Tommy Brøske.

VG asked police about the background of the police who now choose to run for Vesletjern. They refer to the press release.

Tomorrow is half a year since Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from her home. Police said earlier that no sign of life came from her.

Police do not want to comment further on the searches.

On April 11 and 12, police searched the property of the couple Hagen again. Then they set up barriers around the property, the neighboring property in Sloraveien 6 and even the water. Dogs were also used in the research.

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