The participant of "Farmen", Irene Halle, broke the rules again: "It is possible the gossip of someone


LINKED AGAIN: Irene Halle (t.h) received a visit from Lene Sleperud in the first-class cabin. Soon after, Irene broke the rule of
LINKED AGAIN: Irene Halle (t.h) received a visit from Lene Sleperud in the first-class cabin. Shortly thereafter, Irene broke the "Farmen" rule as she approached Sølvi Monsen in the second camp. Photo: TV 2


War was called "Farmen", but the two fights rocked secretly at night. "Gaute was tired of betting the limits," said the two-legged winner.


The farmer is in his seventh week and after five boys have left the program, the first female match finally arrived. Finally, there was Finnmark Sølvi Monsen (55) who had to lose Irene Halle (35) in the second game on Sunday – at a glance.

"We need to complete the war we started," Irene said shortly before choosing her furious competitor on the women's side for battle.

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"I'm sorry for me."

But a "warrior" atmosphere though: Sølvi took the wallpaper with a socket.

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Irene Halle admits to breaking the rules of "Farmen": – I have the chin of Gaute Grøtta Grav

"I had an incredible calm in my body, I made the mistake that I started looking at Irene along the way, which ended up giving me two mistakes, so I ran, my nerves simply took me in. But I did not regret anything" , she said.

For VG, Irene Halle tells us that before the two fights on Sunday, she had had a very difficult week at the farm.

"I was very sad for the week we went by and I would not be cowardly and pick the weak ones. I would rather win – or lose – against my more powerful competitor, says VG's two-legged winner.

– Disappointed and injured

The background to the "war" between Sølvi and Irene was that Håkan (Pettersson, 54, who smoked from "Farmen" last week) had agreed with Kjetil Nørstebø (28) before leaving the farm: that he should choose Kjetil for Great promise that Kjetil did not choose Irene as the first team. Irene himself knew about the deal, but could not stand it. She told her to her closest friend, Sølvi, who once again took this to the great farmer.

"I went to Kjetil and asked if she voted Irene said she ran the risk of being elected first. I realize she was disappointed, but at the same time she knows that I am a person who goes directly to the person if I hear something" via "explains Sølvi.

This eventually resulted in Kjetil, however, choosing Irene to be the first.

"I was disappointed and hurt that she did not say shit to me until after the second election. She must be honest – and woman enough to tell me." We were finally talked to gapehauken (where the two giants eat and talk together , Journey.) But I was small, I started crying and I regretted it a lot. Sølvi said that was not what she wanted to say, so we decided on the end, says Irene.

Sneak into the second cabin

Sølvi, for his part, regrets not having talked to his girlfriend at an earlier date.

"It was not to hide Irene behind my back, and I did not feel like I did." But we should have spoken before us, but I think I'm doing that we are equally stubborn and both thought the other should take the initiative. Easy to be retrospective. Eaten is eaten.

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Håkan Pettersson gets angry after the Farmen: "It was crazy all the shit

Earlier this week, Irene called the VG in connection with the "visit" to Håkan first-class in the two games on Sunday. broke the rule "Farmen" also knows how to escape to the other cabin, where Kjetil sat. The stage was discovered, which led the whole group to be pulled by the program's director, Gaute Grøtta Grav (39), a little later.

Now the 35-year-old reveals she broke the same rules again – this time when she was in the first cabin. Again she sneaked into the second cabin of the cabin.

It has the chin of the Gaute

– We met at night. Haha, I'm doing this and breaking the rules on a set. At least we sat at the end of the bed in Sølvi's cabin and we talked about life, the situation where we had ended and that we should try to be friends. It helped us ruin the mess and the others were shocked when they saw that we were friends again in the camp, she shouted.

"The last time you were discovered." Have you been discovered again this time?

"I was taken again, yes. I told somebody, and it is possible that someone deceived me. After Gaute was joking, he took this episode and the previous one, saying that it is not allowed to visit the giants alone and to pass between the cabins. He was very tired of stretching the boundaries. But everyone kept doing these things throughout the stay.

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TV 2 screamed that he smoked from "Farmen"

Good to talk.

"How was it for you to knock out your friend, what did you initially feel to hide you in the back?"

– Was very good! I knew she was going to choose something bad, something I had never been out of – unlike her. I had to get up and find a fight. But I did not even see when Gaute approved the nails, I just had to look at the air. I was incredibly relieved when he said that everyone was approved, says the participant "Farmen" of VG.

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"Farmen" defies Anneli Guttorm furious at TV 2: – I did not receive follow-up

Sølvi Monsen confirms that he visited Irene in Andrekjempehytta.

"Yes, she sneaked up on me. It was good to talk a little. Many there have a ballast, or suffered injuries, earlier in life. You think you've worked, but suddenly it's coming to the surface. My way of dealing with this was to create distance. That's why I sounded a bit cold, she tells VG.

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