The National Federation will stop Møreaksen –


Geir A. Mo, managing director of the Norwegian Trucks Association, told VG that he believes one of the projects to be postponed is the 16-km long, 360-meter-deep tunnel planned under the Romsdals fjord between Ålesund and Mold.

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Transportation to the future?

"The Norwegian Truck Federation (NLF) does not oppose Møreaksen – NLF is an adversary of tunnels with an increase where there are alternatives"

"These tunnels have enormous potential for disaster. In six years, we had three possible disasters in the Gudvanga Tunnel, 11 kilometers long. We all remember the Skatestraum tunnel, where 16,500 liters of gas exploded. What if there was a bus full of children or adults behind that gasoline car? ask Mo.

The union says its basic attitude is that many of the major fjord crossings at E39 may be delayed. Another solution is the ferries that run every 20 minutes. Mo points to the crossing of the Sognefjord as an extremely expensive project, and other fjords that require tunnels and submarine tunnels with such unfortunate ascents.

– As well as being mortal, they are also environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment. Today, there are ferry solutions that can solve this in a satisfactory and reasonable way, he tells the newspaper.

The county council of Møre og Romsdal has made a ruling in the case on the road between Ålesund and Molde and there is an underwater tunnel, County Mayor Jon Aasen (AP) told VG.

Helge Orten responds

Helge Orten (M) from Midsund leads the transport and communication committee at Storting. It reacts to the part of the truck owners association:

– It is completely wrong for the Norwegian truck owners association to compare long tunnels built 20-30 years ago without escape routes, with modern modern double tunnels where there is a maximum of 5% incline, no near traffic and possibilities of escape every 250 meters. Marriage only helps to spread uncertainty and fear through wrong comparisons, he says.

– I did not listen to business.

The resort also notes "that the Norwegian Trucking Federation does not want to prioritize ferryless fjord cruises in western Norway."

"So they have not heard the business community along the coast that produces the goods they live in," he says. and:

– The business community throughout the western part of the country is concerned about building attractive housing and job markets, shortening travel time and making it possible to travel 24 hours a day. We did not get that by driving a ferry, but building together the regions with free ferry connections like Rogfast, Hordfast, Møreaksen and Hafast, says transport politician.


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