The Minister of Agriculture on pork documents: – I am angry and angry


I'm annoyed and angry. The unacceptable conditions in the production of pigs that Brennpunkt detects make me sick and disappoint. Animal plague is an offense and will be hit hard, says Bollestad in a commentary on the documentary, which was sent on Wednesday.

Bollestad claims that animals in Norway should not suffer.

– The film shows bad attitudes and a reprehensible culture among those who have such relationships in their barn. Farmers who do not treat their animals well have nothing to do with agriculture, she emphasizes.

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Bollestad will now take the initiative of a meeting with industry.

"It is important to me that both the authorities and the industry continue to work to prevent farmers from treating animals irresponsibly. I will request a meeting as soon as possible with the industry and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to discuss what we will do to avoid such conditions, "she says.


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