The Last of Us 2 creators have recorded the last scene ┬╗ITavisen


play: I hope that the launch of 2019 will be anyway?

The writer and creator of the "Last of Us Part 2" creative went on Twitter to take a peek at the progression of the game, revealing that they have just recorded the last scenes of the game.

The hope of the 2019 launch is still alive

Neil Druckmann is also the vice president of Naughty Dog, which has been releasing critically acclaimed games over the last couple of years – and it appears that he and the rest of the team went through a delicate time when they finished filming the last scene. for the last of us:

Whether it means that the developers finished with all the recording or not, it is not right, since it often seems that they do not record scenes in chronological order. Still, there are great chances for this, because it also emerged that voice and actor Laura Bailey finished her scenes.

The Twitter message, therefore, indicates that there may be some truth in the rumors that the continuation of The Last of Us will be released later this year.

When do you think The Last of Us Part 2 is coming out?



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