"The Celebrity Farm": – Got the local community to run last year. Now the "celebrity of the farm" to the farm


Last year, many locals reacted when the recording "Farm" was added to the farm Gjedtjernet, in the municipality of Grue.

The farm is surrounded by natural beauties, and is located in Finnskogen, on the outskirts of Kirkenær, but several reacted strongly to the choice of the farm, especially after it was learned that the 201 municipal road had to be closed during the whole registration period.

Tuesday morning, Glåmdalen writes that the popular TV show will return to the magnificent farm, this time to record the fourth season of "Celebrity Farmen."

As in the past year, the situation is discussed in the Facebook group "Preservation and growth of the Finnskog Grue (Svullrya and surroundings)", and again reacts to the fact that the highway should be closed for a longer period while the recording goes from May 23 to 30. June.

WINNER: Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen defeated Kathrine Sørland at the finish line in "The Farmer & # 39; s Celebrity" in 2019. Here she rejoices just after the victory. Video: Miriam Bakkejord
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to react

Geir Sandberg, a resident of the municipality of Grue, is one of those who is very dissatisfied with the decision of the municipality to let the program return.

For Se and Hør he says there was a town hall meeting last week, and they had already been told that the recording of "Farmer Celebrity" would be added to the Gjedtjernet farm.

He reacts to that decision.

– To say the least, I think it is badly done by the municipality. This does not promote Finnskogen as they say, because everything happens in Kirkenær, he says and continues:

"You do not want to know what I mean about the incompetent gang of the city council." Last year, they claimed that attention to the area would lead to growth in Grue, but did not do so at all.

Make changes

Mayor of Grue Municipality, Wenche Huser Sund, explains that it is obviously stupid for the road to be closed again, but for them to make the best possible provision for the inhabitants again.

"It's too silly to close a road, but we had an alternate detour last year. There was a lot of noise, but there were a handful of people arguing. I think it's the same thing you do now, she says.

In addition, the rapporteur stresses that many times they complain that they shout louder.

"During the recording last year, many residents participated as extras and participated in the program, but we did not hear anything from them, they are exultant," she says.

Huser Sund explains that it will be different this year and that they will go away for everyone to have fun.

HUNGER: Ole "Close eye" Klemetsen tells how eating habits were transformed into the head of the farm "Farm".
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– The diversion will be well signposted and illuminated, there will be a reduced speed around the kindergarten and there will be inspection and accompaniment of the road along the way. Unlike last year, the school bus will run as usual, and the timber industry and other industries will have the opportunity to drive between 11 pm and 6:30 am, she says and continues:

CHAIRS: Mayor of the town of Grue, Wenche Huser Sund. Photo: Grue municipality
MAYORS: Mayor of the municipality of Grue, Wenche Huser Sund. Photo: Grue municipality
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– In addition, there will be electric barriers so that emergency services and those living in the area can use the road.

The mayor is aware that there was a lot of control last year, but he hopes it will be good for everyone, including the citizens.

– I hope people not only complain but also see the opportunities we have. At the same time, I regret the disadvantages this causes for our citizens, but we realize that global accounts are good for Grue.

TV-2 PR and media manager Jan-Petter Dahl confirms to the Dagbladet that "Farmen Kjendis" is added to the Gjedtjernet farm.

– It is good to be able to confirm that this year's season of celebrity Farmen will be played on the farm Gjedtjernet in the municipality of Grue. We look forward to starting recording closer to summer on the fantastic farm that was used last season by the Farm, he says.

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