The batteries were hot. Now Apple remembers Macbook Pro machines


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The callback occurs after the batteries have overheated.

"They could pose a potential security risk," Apple said in a press release.

Customers can get a free replacement battery for their current 15-inch MacBook Pro devices.

There are a limited number of older 15-inch Macbook Pro machines with retrieved Retina display. They were sold mainly between September 2015 and February 2017, and can be identified through the serial number, the company informs.

– The mask exploded and smoke came

There have been several reviews of overheating and shots on social media, including Twitter user and DJ @ WhitePanda earlier this spring. The person also filmed the incident, it is supposed to be a Macbook Pro that breaks with:

– Yesterday, my Macbook Pro exploded during normal usage. It began to emit smoke from both sides. Luckily, no one was injured, he writes using the Reditt website.

It is not confirmed that this is one of those machines.

– Security matters

Now the company is asking everyone who has a laptop of this model purchased in the current period to stop using the machine and contact them.

"Customer security is very important to Apple, so customers are asked to stop using 15-inch MacBook Pro devices," the company wrote.

Here you can check which models exist.

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