Thanks to the fans for the death of sister


In mid-March, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson (27) was hit by another family tragedy when his 18-year-old sister, Felicite Tomlinson, was found dead in her own apartment in London.

Currently, there is no autopsy report, but a strong heart attack is believed to be the cause of death, according to the BBC.

When the news became known, Tomlinson canceled all listed deals and withdrew completely from the public. The 27-year-old did not comment on his sister's death – so far.

– Much love

In a brief announcement on his official Twitter profile, Tomlinson thanks the fans around the world for their condolences.

"I just wanted to thank you all for beautiful words in the last few weeks. I'm back in the studio today to record something I wrote a few months ago. If you send a lot of love, the artist writes.

The 27-year-old is briefly in the first statement after his sister's untimely death. Félicité Tomlinson was a great fashion flow with over a million followers on Instagram and was also referred to as a designer with a bright future.

Lost mother

There was an 18-year-old friend who contacted the ambulance, but when the health team arrived at the apartment, her life did not save her. According to the BBC, the 18-year-old was pronounced dead on the spot.

The death hit the artist just over two years after his mother, Johannah Deakin (43), died of cancer. It was her husband, Dan Deakin, who confirmed his death and at the same time made a longer statement to the Daily Mail.

– Johannah was in the first place an incredibly wonderful mother of seven children … and her individual talents and triumphs are evidence of the principles and beliefs she gave them. She was also an incredibly proud Freddie grandmother, Deakin said among other things.

Johannah Deakin was among others an avid user of chirp, and often went to social media to compliment his children, including Louis Tomlinson.

A week after his death, his profile became updated for the last time.

– Thank you all

It was her husband, who, as requested by his wife, passed his last word to the world:

"Johannah asked me to publish this after her death. She wanted to thank you all and let you know that from the beginning you have been wonderful. You changed Louis's life, but so did she. The support you give is important, perhaps more important than ever.

In addition to her husband, Félicité and her famous eldest son, Johannah left her children Lottie (20), the twins Daisy and Phoebe (15), as well as the twins Ernest and Doris (5).

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