Testing food prices: So great is the price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive chain


[Nettavisen]: – There are big differences. Some goods are fifty percent more expensive at local stores than discount stores. It's very absurd, says Tom Ystaas in Enhver.no.

Everyone completed two price tests on ten Norwegian supermarket chains for two weeks. In addition to the seven largest supermarket chains in Norway, three local retail chains, Joker, Bunnpris and Matkroken are included in the test.

Most expensive joker

The test, which consists of 64 items, shows large price differences between the Rema 1000 winner and the local chain stores.

The most expensive is the Joker, which in this test is 31% more expensive than the Rema. The lowest price is 26% more expensive and Matkroken is 24% more expensive.

The big difference for the Ystaas Prize Tester is to block your eyes.

– I think the distance, especially that of Joker, is exceptionally large and I'm surprised at how much local shops are more expensive than the supermarkets. Supermarket chains tend to be ten to fifteen percent more expensive than low-priced chains and local stores are well below them, Ystaas says.

Several thousand crowns

A 31% difference represents a major cut in the consumer budget for consumers. For a family of children, this could mean saving thousands of people a month and tens of thousands in a year.

– For an average family that spends 100,000 a year on food, that price difference is NOK 2-3,000 per month, says Ystaas.

He emphasizes, however, that local stores may not be as expensive as Kiwi, Rema and Extra.

– Local stores are more expensive to operate and should cost more. It may not be life if a local store has a gross profit as low as a low-priced store, says Ystaas.

More expensive in operation

Harald Kristiansen, communications manager at Coop, which is behind the local chain stores Coop Marked and Matkroken, but also of the Extra and Obs discount stores, indicates that these are two very different types of stores.

– Local stores are super important to many settlements and villages. Of course, we have a much higher cost in a store than in a discount store. The operation is much more expensive. Why do you think Rema does not have stores outside the districts?

He emphasizes that higher prices should not decrease customers, but that many district stores are hardly circulating.

"But they are important to those who live there. The option is to turn off. When a village loses its store, it is vaguely empty. That said, it's good to see that Matkroken is the least expensive convenience store in the test, says Kristiansen.

Most expensive joker

So the Joker is the most expensive store in this test. However, they do not believe that it gives a correct picture of the price level in their stores.

"This range of products is roughly two percent of Joker's total product range, and the products that are tested do not reflect the goods that today's consumers are trading," says Hanne Evensen, Communications Advisor at Merchant & # 39; s House, which is behind the Joker network, for example, to Nettavisen.

The list includes a large number of common grocery products such as light milk, tomato mackerel, sirloin steak and brown cheese. Evensen, however, points out that there are more snacks and fewer produce for dinner than a typical shopping cart for a family over a year.

– Our opinion is that this price test shows only a snapshot of a very limited selection of items. Our price surveys and reviews of the best-selling products in the Norwegian grocery store show a significantly lower price distance for competitors than what appears in the Enhver.no price test. We at Joker offer weekly hot deals on popular consumer goods, which we think our customers appreciate, says Evensen.


Rema 1000, in turn, won the supermarket for Nettavisen and any two weeks in a row and can be very satisfied.

– It was fun! Yes, we have a strong focus on giving our customers high quality and the lowest prices. This has been our most important task for 40 years and we will continue to do so. We welcome customers to the REMA 1000, says Trond Bentestuen, CEO of REMA 1000 in Norway, to Nettavisen.


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