Test 12 different cocoa powder.


"I really do not think there's any bad cocoa," said one of the test panel's children.

But it was before the taste test of the finished cocoa began.
The tasting panel which consisted of 12-year-old Louise, her 5-year-old food journalist Sarah Hambro and wine journalist Merete Bø barely got the first hot drops in the cup before disappointment spread.
On a busy day, we were given very little time to make a good old fashioned hot chocolate, with milk slowly heated in mixed chocolate. In store chains, Smak found a total of 12 easy-to-use powder cocoons that appeal to a quick and good solution. But the taste can be compared to the homemade variety?

All the cocoa that was included in the test is the type you mix in warm water or warm milk, except for the French Valrhonas, which should only be heated. Three of the 12 variants were easy issues and were tested on a separate body.
The cocoa was prepared according to the instructions in the different boxes. And given a degree on a scale of 1 to 10, which is 10 best.
But unfortunately everyone was disappointed.

Best character took Valrhona from France, although also disappointed, price and reputation taken into account. The kids think this was the strongest, and even we adults had to admit it was the best done on the 12th. But if you buy the ready-made cacao from Valrhona, it may be an advantage to add a little milk and a knife seed with salt. It then becomes smoother and gets a much more balanced and longer flavor.
The favorite of the children, on the other hand, was the chocolate drink of Freias Regia. A smooth, well-known flavor that was easily recognized, even though all the cacao had been tested blindly.

Thanks but no thanks

The conclusion was generally disappointing, and everyone has concluded that they turn to the extra work of making hot chocolate in the "old fashioned way." All the powdered cocoons looked watery and tasteless and with a modest chocolate flavor, which even disappointed children so much that no one wanted to take unused packages home after being tested.


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