Tuesday , July 27 2021

Tesla, lawsuit, | Threatens massive lawsuit against Tesla

Several dissatisfied Tesla owners have joined forces.

More than 100 Dutch Tesla drivers have reportedly decided to go to court against the giant electric car. The reason is that they believe Tesla does not deliver what it promises when it claims to be service-oriented and that cars are virtually maintenance-free, writes the NL Times.

Several Dutch media outlets covered the case last week, including Business Insider Nederland and the technology website Techzle.com.

According to the latter, 119 drivers will be involved in the process.

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Dissatisfied drivers are said to have met through the newly created “Stichting Tesla Claim”, which can be translated as “Stifelsen Tesla-requirements”.

On their website, drivers have listed a number of complaints about the Tesla, which should include complaints about doors that don’t open and close properly, poor lighting, reduced power and a shorter range than promised.

In addition, it must be difficult for dissatisfied Tesla owners to get help from Tesla customer service.

It is unclear what value the foundation is suing the auto giant for.

– The negotiations have not been fruitful so far, said a spokesman for the foundation, according to Business Insider.

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