Sweden's choice made the woman cry out


Andreas Granqvist, Sweden's squad during the summer World Cup, is back in his homeland and Helsingborg after ten years as a foreigner.

The 33-year-old tried first at Wigan in 2007 but the Premier League ended with loans to Helsingborg and subsequent sales to Dutchman Gröningen and to Italy and Genoa in 2011.

Woman exploded in tears

In the latest issue of the "Road to the Top" podcast, the midfielder talks about what happened when he left the Serie A club in the summer of 2013, writes Expressen.

The club choir he led did not fall in good soil with his wife Sofie, who accompanied the man in Europe for six years.

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Granqvist was close to getting in touch with Queens Park Rangers when Russian Krasnodar came in contact.

The election fell on Russia, and Granqvist says in the podcast that his wife started crying when he told her that London was abandoned in favor of the Russian city.

"I took it with my wife and explained that it would be a good step for football and a good step economically." The future would be guaranteed economically, but she felt very sorry. .

Doubt in United's transition

Earlier this fall, surprisingly rumors revealed that Jose Mourinho considered recovering 33-year-old Manchester United in January.

Even the Swedish midfielder doubts there are many rumors in the rumors.

"I do not think that's amazing, let's see what's happening in January, there's certainly something behind it.

"Did you get any specific questions?"

– I did not understand. And I would like to leave the HIF, but if United show concrete interest in January, it will be very difficult to thank, "Granqvist says.


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