Sophie Elise is the queen of blogs – this was Norway's biggest influencer – NRK Culture and Entertainment


For several years, the 23-year-old Harstad has established himself as one of Norway's biggest bloggers, and has also been successful as an author, influencing social media and recently retired from "Shall We Dance."

Last year it generated revenue of 2.5 million kronor, up from zero in the crown last year. Assets grew to a total of NOK 7.6 million.

It was Dagens Næringsliv who mentioned the numbers for the first time after checking on Ischsen and other top bloggers and flu – the so-called influencers – before taxpayers' announcement on Wednesday.

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However, the highest income has Marna Haugen Burøe, better known under the pseudonym "Komikerfrue".

The 37-year-old accounts for an income of 2.7 million, but has a registered capital of zero.

Also the former "Football Girl", Caroline Berg Eriksen, was successful with the blog. An income of 2.5 million kronor and a capital of 1.3 million makes Eriksen one of Norway's biggest bloggers and influencers.

Husband and soccer player Lars Kristian Eriksen tells DN that the proceeds derive from Eriksen's business ads on social media and blogs.

"There are ads, the collections she has made with Adax and Bianco and other business cooperations. The increase is due to increased interest in marketing with Caroline and influenza in general. There is a greater demand, the opportunity to raise prices and the partners see that they earn currency for cooperation, "says Lars Kristian Eriksen to DN.


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