Solskjær reveals: – I have already decided


Saturday a. 13:00: See Fulham – Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjær led Manchester United to nine wins and a draw after taking over as temporary manager at Old Trafford.

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But he has a big month ahead of him. For the next matches, Fulham hopes next Saturday for their first meeting with PSG in the Champions League on February 12, before gigantic duels against Chelsea and Liverpool await respectively 18 and 24.

In a longer interview with Sky Sports News, Solskjær reveals that he has already decided on the team's formation
the next games. It is a recipe for success that he takes with him from Molde.

– There are different ways to win matches, and with our team you can use players who play against him and that team. I know the boss (Sir Alex Ferguson) did it that way. I always did this when I was a coach in Molde, says Solskjær for Sky Sports News.

– Different in Cardiff
He believes it is much easier to use the right players for the right game at Manchester United than in Cardiff.

– It was different in Cardiff because we had to do one game at a time and try to get a point here and a point there. Now we can plan ahead and believe the team has the quality needed for the matches next month. We sat
us in a brilliant position and have a fantastic shape. We have confidence, we trust each other and we are ready for these battles now, "concludes Solskjær.

The 45-year-old claims that all Manchester United players have unique qualities. The reason for this is, according to Solskjær, that the club only signs players with factor X.

– Meg and Mick (Phelan) came in and wanted to give security to the players and show that we trust them. The players are at Manchester United because they are special. Manchester United never signs players if they do not have unique skills
or an X factor by itself. We should never forget which club emblem they play with, and that there are special players, he says.


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