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In 2018, the board and management of the drilling company Borr Drilling received a total compensation of $ 8.3 million, corresponding to NOK 72.2 million.

Appears in the company's new annual report.

The company is led by the two former peaks of Seadrill, Svend Anton Maier and Rune Magnus Lundetræ, while in 2018 the council consisted of President Tor Olav Trøim, Fredrik Halvorsen, Jan Rask and Patrick Schorn.

In the new year, Georgina Sousa and Kate Blankenship also sat at the council table. Both have been board members of Seadrill.

It does not specify how much each individual received, but by. The head will be just over 12 million Norwegian kroner, since only Maier and Lundetræ are the management.

Such a distribution is admittedly unrealistic, since council fees are generally a fraction of managerial salaries.

Employees of Fredriksen

If you look at Seadrill, where the top four already made a considerable effort, the management of four men was compensated with a total of $ 5.9 million, corresponding to NOK 51 million.

In addition, the current board of the total of seven, which is led by John Fredriksen and was named after the completion of the restructuring on July 2, received compensation of $ 0.4 million. Some were also members of the council, which until July 2. They got a million dollars in sharing.

This is stated in the annual report published in March.

The board and management of Seadrill therefore earn a total compensation of $ 7.3 million, or about NOK 63.5 million, by 2018. As per person, this corresponds to NOK 5.8 million.

In addition to the salaries paid, the peaks of the two companies receive share-based compensation.

Good advice is expensive

Under Anton Dibowitz's leadership, Seadrill resumed Chapter 11 last summer after extensive restructuring.

Although the management of Seadrill was well paid for what was a particularly demanding period, it was the company's financial and legal advisors who actually succeeded in achieving it.

The annual report shows that a total of $ 266 million was spent on consultants in 2017 and 2018. This corresponds to an impressive NOK 2.3 billion.

Most of that, $ 187 million, was spent from January 2018 until the company leaves Chapter 11 in July. previously mentioned as the American law firm Kirkland & Ellis, One of several players who helped Seadrill in the restructuring, only in February last year, the company earned almost one million crowns. day on only flights.

Following completion of the restructuring, Seadrill CFO Mark Morris decided to leave the company. It became known in January. He will be in position until the end of June.

Drilling Borage is valued at NOK 12.9 billion on the Oslo Stock Exchange, while Seadrill is quoted at NOK 7.6 billion. Northern Drilling, of Fredriksen, which on Tuesday exercised an option for another drilling vessel, has a market value of NOK 5.7 billion.


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