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SNICT: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


LOS ANGELES ( Star Wars single player games are finally back, more beautiful than ever. Defined for the period after the fall of the Republic and before the events of Rogue One: Star Wars Story, we took on the role of a young Jedi-Padawan working side by side with the rebels against the empire. After an exciting live game of Jedi Star Wars: The Fallen Order at EA Play it's harder than ever to keep your expectations in check.

Star Wars of Colossus

Swarms around Cal Kestis when our demonstration starts. It is deep water on the planet Kashyyyk. A massive war machine – the AT-AT of the galactic empire – is advancing for a while. But Cal does not spend much time thinking and swimming for the metal spot like a giraffe with only one path ahead: up.

Photo: EA

With the help of vines and other grasses caught in the machine, the young Jedi climber raises the beast in what must be said of a Shadow of the Colossus scene. Around him, there are some shining shots from the lands nearby, but Cal keeps his head cool. Climbing does not matter, and jumping from one to the other is done with simplicity.

Soon he reached the top and found his way. After a quick confrontation with the drivers, the AT-AT is in Cal's hands. Now the player controls the powerful weapons, and as the rebellion is, you use the empire's weapons against them. Light, heavier photos are aimed at the AT-AT at the front, and both explosions and subsequent sounds are heard and seen in the familiar Star Wars style. We immediately find Saw Gerrera as known to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and it becomes clear that Cal is an important part of the rebels' fight against the shadow side.

We were told relatively little about what the different mechanisms of the game meant and what could be done, but after some quick conversations with what would become the main characters of the game, one could walk freely around the Cal spacecraft. Here was, among other things, a star map showing a handful of planets, which may indicate that one can travel between them during the game.

Photo: EA

Fun fight, new powers and sound digg

After a quick breath on the ground, it is again, and a narrow forest road is waiting. Cal runs obliquely on the walls and leaps to the next landing, climbs where he can, and draws vineyards with the power he can play. In other words, there seems to be a lot of focus on the Jedi Star Wars movement: Fallen Order. We should not conclude, however, that this will be an open game, since these movements occurred in a relatively linear area that reminded us of things we experienced with Nathan Drake. This is by no means negative because a Star Wars game that is focused and knows what it is that many were expecting.

If you get annoyed with slow and hard fighting in Star Wars: Battlefront II, we can confidently announce that Fallen Order does a better job with fake art. From what we have seen, it seems that Cal is as acrobatic as he is strong, and can play and fade with the lightsaber as if it were Obi-Wan himself, and use the power to lure and throw away the enemies. Through the game's skills system, you should also be able to learn more ways to use power, which sounds very exciting.

Photo: EA

Watching Cal stop a laser gun in the air, garnish with elite soldiers of Darth Vader (resembles the elite soldiers of General Grevious) and fend off the assault troops with saber and power was a delight, and sound and light are Star Wars like We know that. A small mini-game against a giant spider was also exciting to watch, and the fact that every enemy comes with their own health gauges is a good sign that we are dealing with an action drama.

We were, to say the least, impressed by what was shown to us, despite the fact that it is easy to see where the inspiration came from and draw parallels between what the Fallen Order showed, and well-known series of games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Prince and Persia. Not least, Star Wars The Force Unleashed. We look forward to seeing more of what Fallen Order has to offer, and hopefully the game will be as strong as Cal Kestis is in power.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on November 15, 2019.

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