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Six Norwegian children in the countryside – women "terrorize" refugee camps

A group of EI militant women "terrorize" others who fled Syria's battlefields to the Al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria.

The Washington Post of the US Post reports.

"Now you can not see girls over the age of eight without blemishes," said Mahmoud Gadou, a Kurdish government official in charge of displaced people in northeastern Syria.

In this field, the seven orphaned children of Norwegian-Swedish Michael Skråmo are located. There are also four Norwegian women in this field and six children are hospitalized.


IS fanatic supporters will have assaulted and threatened women they consider "perverse," and will have other cells formed within the field that will be punished more systematically, according to anonymous sources of intelligence, the Washington Post.

The women extremists will be from countries like Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, and although there are fewer women responsible for "terrorism", according to the Washington Post, a large number of women in the countryside still defend the ideology of the EI.

It does the work of the Kurdish government of Syria, those responsible for the camp, difficult.

10,000 to 73,000

In early April, more than 73,000 people were registered in the refugee camp. About 65 percent of them should be children under the age of 18, 27 percent should be women, according to the newspaper.

But the number of people in the camp was much smaller just a few months ago. In December, there were fewer than 10,000 people in the country.

The cause of the vigorous growth was the entrance of Kurdish forces in the last fortune of Baghouz – IS. At the end of March, the SDF Alliance, a Kurd rebellion supported by the US, controlled the village.

Then the last remnant of the Caliphate was wrenched from the EI. Baghouz is located to the east of Syria, and it was in that area that Skråmo should be before dying.

Atmosphere changed

And it was when refugees from that area began to flow into the Al-Hol refugee camp that the problems began.

"What we did in practice was to take Baghouz and transport the city here," said Gadou, the Kurdish official responsible for the displaced.

"When the people started arriving here from Baghouz, the atmosphere changed completely. The women did not cover their faces. Now you can not see girls more than eight years old without blemish, he adds.

Other women in the countryside are afraid to talk about conditions, according to the Washington Post, who interviewed a German woman who did not want to appear with name and image.

The fear of extremist women should be the reason. The German woman says she left her homeland in favor of the so-called SI caliphate because she claims to have been harassed in Germany to carry nikab.

"Back then, it was all right for me. But now I do not know, she says.

Married to Bastian Vasquez

In early March, Aftenposten wrote of a 28-year-old Oslo woman who had left Baghouz with her two children. She was married to Norwegian foreign warrior Bastian Vasquez, who died in Syria in 2015.

When she left Baghouz, she contacted her father. For her father, she said she wanted to go to Norway, according to Aftenposten.

She will want this for several years, first in 2015, after Vasquez's death, according to Bjørn Nærum family lawyer.

So the woman, who had a son at the time, was very optimistic. She thought she should be able to move in Syria internally and that she would be able to reach the border with Turkey.

"So they got in touch with me." There was a child inside the picture, without documents, so it was about how we should pack up the formal and take it home. So we tried to do that, said Nærum to the Dagbladet in March.

Do not wanna go Home

Another Norwegian woman from the EI, NRK, met at Al-Hol camp in March, expressing the opposite.

She told NRK that she had three children and that they were fine.

Asked if she wanted to go to Norway, the woman replied:

– Not.

– What you want?

Do not know.

So she left the interview and ran away from the NRK.

– Take the kids home.

Last week, the Dagbladet was able to report that 63 percent of Norwegians believe that the Norwegian government should "actively work" to bring up the children of Norwegian citizens who have joined the IE.

Under three out of ten, 27% said no.

There is a majority to take home the children of Syria everywhere except the Progress Party. But even among Frp voters, almost four in ten (36 percent) say yes. 56 percent say they do not.

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