Shirrako banned from YouTube – killed "annoying feminist" in computer games. So he was banned from Youtube


The open action game "Red Dead Redemption 2" was released on October 26, 2018, and has already garnered enormous attention.

The game is currently the best-selling game for Playstation 4, and YouTube is flooded by players posting videos of their experience in the western game.

Within the game that takes place in 1899, it is almost impossible to do what you can do. You can hunt wild animals, steal innocent trains and passers-by, or simply discover the vast landscape.

However, it may seem that freedom offers challenges. Wednesday, November 7, a 500,000-plus Youtuber, Shirrako, was banned from YouTube for knocking out a feminist in-game.

"Annoying feminist"

The video that the player posted on Youtube had the title "Banking Annoying Feminist", and shows the main character of the game, Arthur Morgan, who goes to a feminist who stands out in the streets and manifests for the rights of women.

The article continues during the video.

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Then he lets the main character tie her up and take her to an alligator that ate her alive.

That sounds brutal, but in games like "Red Dead Redemption 2", violence is not a flaw. There are thousands of videos out there where players throw male characters in their heads, put them in front of a train or throw them on a cliff.

Of course, there are certain consequences. If you kill someone in the computer game, you will get the sheriff around your neck and you will lose the "karma" that gives you benefits in the game. In other words, it is not encouraged by unwarranted violence, although some youtubers choose to turn to it for entertainment.

The only difference between Shirrako's videos and the other videos published by the game is that the victim was a woman.

When Shirrako discovered that his channel had been closed, he chirp to tell what happened.

– Youtube closed my channel because I killed a female character in the game. They say the violence promoted. You kill men for most of the game, and that's OK, but you immediately kill a woman who's banned. You went away? "He asked.

Got massive support

It was not long before several other Youtubere profiles and games hit Shirrako on social networks. Keemstar, who is behind the YouTube account "DramaAlert" with 4.4 million followers, was among those who stood up.

He posted a video on Twitter where he discussed the Youtube decision and explained the consequences this could have for all players out there.

– If Youtube is to exclude any content that violates your policies, within a video game, we have a problem. All "Red Dead Redemption 2" contains deaths. If this murder is wrong, then they must also remove all other killings of the game, not to mention "Fortnite" and "Minecraft". You kill people there too, he says before adding:

"It's time to distinguish between computer games and reality. Computer games are not reality, people. It should be good to do these things in a game.

In addition, more players began to do the same as Shirrako had done, and suddenly several videos and photos appeared from players who had knocked out the feminist, put her on the train tracks and gave the pigs as food.

The article is still under the photo.

TOGSKINNENE: Several players have found other ways to kill the feminist. Stock Image: Red Dead Redemption 2
Tracks: Several players have found other ways to kill the feminist. Stock Image: Red Dead Redemption 2
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Had to turn

Finally, Youtube had to turn around, and after 12 hours Shirrako's account was again. All 8000 videos he posted, as well as the 500,000 followers, were back.

Shirrako also shared the new letter he received from Youtube, explaining, among other things, that his video will be hidden behind an age limit.

"Your video" Banking annoying feminist "was flagged in our system and therefore we reviewed the content of the video. After a new review, we concluded that the content was not appropriate for everyone and therefore chose to put the video below a limit of age. "

Ryan Wyatt, director of the games department on Youtube, also took Twitter to respond to Shirrako and Keemstar.

– Thank you very much for your contribution. This content was flagged earlier today, but has now been revised and we conclude that they should be below the age limit. They do not violate our policies, so you'll get the YouTube channel back, including all followers and videos.

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