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Sharing is punished after downgrade

After a positive opening, the mood on the Oslo stock market gradually reversed.

At 11:55 p.m., the main index stands at 882.41, down 0.13%.

So far, shares and share certificates were traded for NOK 1.277 million.

The highlight of the week

In the coming weeks, the results season will be in focus, both in the US and in Europe. There are also several important numbers, where the highlight is the US labor market report on Friday.

"A strong report is expected again, with unemployment unchanged at 3.8 percent and 181,000 new employees in April. Higher pay growth is also expected, and as mentioned earlier, this is something that can push the margins of the companies from here to front, "writes chief strategist Sigrid Wilter Slørstad in Nordea Markets in an update.

There are also US inflation figures as well as the main ISM indicator which is closely followed by investors. There are also PMI numbers for several other regions.

oil prices

Brent crude fell 0.32% to US $ 70.87 a barrel, while WTI crude fell 0.96% to US $ 62.69.

In comparison, a barrel of North Sea oil traded at $ 72.06 a barrel at the close of the Oslo Stock Exchange on Friday.

Oil prices fell sharply on Friday, while CNBC reported that Trump says he "called OPEC" and said the cartel should bring down oil prices.

– Gas prices drop. I called OPEC, I told you to lower them. You have to get them now, the president said, according to the news agency.

Senior analyst Phil Flynn of the Price Futures Group says the underlying fundamentals, which are bullish, have not changed.

"There is still fear that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will move slowly to replace Iranian barrels." There are still risk factors on the supply side of Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria, Flynn told Platts, according to TDN Direkt.

Equinor fell 1.36% to NOK 191.70, while Aker BP fell 1.87% to NOK 283.10. The DNO fell 1.24% to 19.53 Norwegian kroner.


The SAS strike continues and 60,813 passengers are hit when 667 SAS departures are canceled on Monday.

According to analysts, the company cost nearly half a billion dollars in five days. SAS stock fell at the opening of 5%, but is now down 2.17%, to 18.00 NOK.

The Norwegian, who had a heavy start in the year, can, on the other hand, have a positive strike effect and now establishes more than 20 extra starts.

ABG Sundal Collier downgraded the action from Friday to Friday and reduced its price target from NOK 57 to NOK 30.

The Norwegian increases 1.48 percent to 39.14 NOK.

Selling Out

Funds managed by Evermore Global Advisors (EGA) sold 892,112 shares of Songa Bulk.

After the transaction, the EGA fund has a total of 1,351,373 shares of Songa Bulk, equivalent to 3.77% of the company.

The share falls 7.60 percent to 0.46 NOK.

climbs up

Nel finished 6.8 percent on Friday in a new high of 6.51 NOK, after analyst Karl-Johan Molnes at Norne Securities raised the price target to NOK 11.95. On Monday, the stock will rise further 3.07%, to 6.71 NOK.

Idex announces on Monday that it is working with Chutian Dragon and Pax Technology to accelerate the use of biometric payment cards in Asia.

The stock jumps 4.53 percent to 6.81 NOK.


Analyst Joakim Svingen at Arctic Securities reduces its recommendation on Axactor to buy for staff. At the same time, it reduces the target price from 30 to 20 kronor.

The brokerage requires better visibility, not less profitability, in the future.

The quota is penalized with a fall in prices from 7.21% to NOK 20.60.

Axactor reported its quarterly figures last Friday, which showed that the company made a profit after tax of 4.62 million euros in the first quarter of 2019, compared with a negative result of one million euros in the previous year.

Winners and losers

The winning list is currently top by Team Tankers, which is 9.56 percent to 7.45 Norwegian crowns.

Merkur Markert-listed Black Sea Property goes back with an increase of 9.44 percent to 0.39 NOK. Incus increases 7.84% to NOK 1.10.

At the other end of the spectrum, Merkur Market, WR Entertainment, and Atlantic Lumpus, the most falling, fell 25.93 and 18.18%, to NOK 1.00 and 18.00.

Gas gain falls 9.43 percent to NOK 22.10 and Havila Shopping fell 9.18 percent to NOK 4.45.

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