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Lately, Justin Bieber (25) has left fans very worried after going to Instagram with a message that he is currently struggling mentally and asked fans to pray for him.

Now the 25-year-old heart grinder makes fans scratch their heads again.

On Monday night, he shared a longer post on Instagram, where he wrote that he chose to pause the song because he wants to be a good dad.

– I've been touring all my youth and early 20's. I understand you probably saw that I was very unhappy during my previous tour and neither you nor I deserve it. You pay money to get a good show, but I did not get to give it to you emotionally, the text of Bieber begins.

In addition, he describes in recent times very turbulent, where he tried to get help to overcome his problems. Now he is very focused on putting his life back on track.

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"So that I do not fall to remain married and be the father I want to be." Music is very important to me, but nothing comes before family and health, he writes.


How long Justin Bieber will pause the album is currently unknown. He promises, however, that a new album will soon come "kikke ass" before putting the music on the shelf for a while.

Although several fans have been overwhelmed by Bieber's message, at least after the comment field, there is still a completely different detail that makes fans block their eyes.

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Before long, Bieber's message made more people wonder if he and his wife Hailey Baldwin (22), with whom he got married this summer, are expecting children.

Love children

The slightly puzzling baby message to Justin Bieber comes just a few months after Hailey Baldwin shared her thoughts about children. It is true in collaboration with Unicef.

"I love children," the 22-year-old wrote to a carousel of herself with several children.

So far neither Bieber nor Baldwin have commented on the baby's speculation. Still, Baldwin hastened to comment on her husband's Instram post.

– Right. I love you so much it hurts, says Baldwin to the post.


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