See the new trailer Draugen – we now have a vision of history


On Thursday, Red Thread Games released a new trailer for Draugen. You can view it on YouTube.

This time around, we will have a little more knowledge about the history of the game and see a bit more of the mystery that the two main characters have to discover.

In Draugen, we played like the American Edward Charles Harden in 1923, who came to Norway to find his missing sister. With us, we have the mysterious guardian of the protagonist, Lissie, who will help Edward on the road.

– Together, you have to explore the beautiful coastal area – which sits right between the fjords and mountains of Norway – while looking for Edward's sister and reveals the darkness hidden beneath the picturesque surface, says the description of the game on Steam.

The game happens from a first-person perspective, and it seems that much of the appeal is in Edward's conversations with Lissie during the process. It is also strongly suggested that the story hides more than just a mystery, and that Edward's psyche is affected during the game.

When we learned about the game for the first time in 2013, we were told that Draugen should draw inspiration from myths, legends and Scandinavian adventures, with a definite action for a coastal village on the west coast, where all the villagers suddenly disappeared. The player must unravel the mystery by exploring the empty village, but must also take into account that it is often in the dark. It may seem that the focus has shifted to a more personal story over the years, but that the basic concept still persists.

Draugen is released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in May 2019.


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