Sarpsborg Labor Gazette – Women's rights are fixed


abortion lawAfter the KrF challenged the right and the Labor Party if we were willing to discuss parts of the abortion law in any government negotiations, the abortion debate was resurrected.

Erna Solberg opened to discuss two areas of the Abortion Law in any government negotiations with KrF: fetal reduction and what is perceived by several as a discriminatory element in the practice of paragraph 2c.

Changing clause 2c is not a superior policy and our policy in the area is fixed. However, Supreme Leader Solberg said we are open to discussing the draft of this provision to see if it is possible to remove what many perceive as a discriminatory element in the law.

Right-wing President Solberg has made it clear that such negotiations must take place under certain clear conditions: women's rights should not be weakened, and emphasis should be placed on women's and family's assessment of their own life situation.

This means in practice that women who in the future will seek abortion after the 12th week will receive abortion to date, as Erna Solberg also expressed in the NRK debate on Nov. 1.

In other words, the discussion on Abortion Act 2 C is not about knitting needles or the right to self-abortion before week 12. Affirming this is wrong and creates an unnecessary fear of people. And as far as I know, there are no parties except SV that agreed to remove abortions and extend the right to self-abortion after week 12.

It has been 40 years since the Abortion Law was fought and adopted in the Storting. After that, there was enormous medical and technological development. It is therefore important that we have a lively democratic discussion about the limits of technology and the challenges that development can create for human dignity and ethics. Laading technology is also a choice, and the Labor Party can accept it, but we are committed to raising the key issues of ethical value. However, it should never be the responsibility of the individual woman, but a responsibility that politicians and legislators have and will have.

The main point is that we can discuss these issues on the premise that women's rights should not be weakened. I trust that the party leadership takes care of these considerations in the coming negotiations.


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