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On Friday night, several of Norway's biggest music profiles were gathered at Rådhusplassen in Oslo, where the annual Top 20 show was held. Big names such as Ina Wroldsen, Julie Bergan and Astrid S were on stage in front of dozens of thousands of viewers who were ready for a real show.

Behind the scene, other music personalities gathered to see the show of what could be called a kind of VIP room – with champagne and good atmosphere. Among the artists who appeared to attend the festivities were Sandra Lyng (32).

The last time she was in Mammaperm, after she and her fiancé, Lasse Joachim Langerud (35), had their son Sander last November. The boy has since searched the parents' channels on social networks, where he receives thousands of similar ones.

– huge response

Now Mama Lyng is back and says she'll be in the studio again soon. She will record new songs and a new season of the popular podcast she did last year. While the first season was about pregnancy, the next season should be about childbirth.

"The response to last season was huge, so it was pretty stupid. I do not think anyone who has parents knows exactly what they are doing, so I hope I can record taboo and exciting themes in Season Two as well. There's still a lot I did not share for the first time with Sander, which I'll talk about in the podcast, she tells the Dagbladet.

ON IS: Sandra Lyng says she and her fiancé decided to wait for the wedding. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se e Hør
ON IS: Sandra Lyng says she and her fiancé decided to wait for the wedding. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se e Hør
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Since the small pod came into the world, he devoured much of his time to his parents. They were just on their first vacation together in Spain where they could enjoy a few relaxing days. Still, it is not just traveling with a baby.

"It will be a completely different holiday when traveling with a young boy. It should be said, however, that it was fun, and we enjoyed delicious days at the beach. It was just weird, she says.

Ice Wedding

There is no doubt that a small child turns things into his head. The couple got engaged in April last year and, in other interviews, said they eventually decided to get married. However, Lyng now admits that they may have to wait a few years, at least until things sort out.

FRIEND ON CURTAIN DAY: Sandra Lyng and Lasse Joachim Langerud have been together since 2015. On April 18, when Sandra turned 31, Lasse fell to her knees. Video: YouTube / SandraLyngMusic
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"We're engaged, but we had kids, so we put some on the ice." We'll see what happens. It is not stress, we promise each other eternity with the engagement, so we can wait a few more years, she says, and continues:

"It will not be in the near future." Getting kids to become more than we thought, then planning a party is not the first priority right now. It would have been good if Sander could go first, at least, so he can climb the church with us, says the artist and smiles.

I was depressed

Since Sander came to the world, the singer of Mosjøen on several occasions was honest that the experience of becoming a mother was not as expected as. Among other things, she shared several posts on social media where she admits that time after birth was difficult, and earlier this year Sandra visited "Good Morning Norway" where she openly and honestly spoke about it.

– It was hard. It was a shock. I really enjoyed meeting you, you also did not get in touch in a way, because he cried all the time, Lyng said when she visited "Good Morning Norway."

"I thought it was very difficult not to console for hours, months. Of course, it was absolutely wonderful to finally meet him, but it was sad that he had so much pain that the 31-year-old man was.

At the same time, little Sander had short tunic bands and struggled with reflux and colic problems. So he was having trouble sucking his chest and crying a lot – which clearly hurt his mother.

Trying to calm Sander by adding it to his chest did not work.

OPERATING FOUR COLORS: In the 2014 debut of "Sandra Uncensored," the artist says she had four tumors removed in her breasts. Video: TV 2 Bliss
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"Breastfeeding has been hell!" And it hurt a lot. And Sander was so frustrated. And I, who amused myself, Lyng told KK.

Although it hurt, the 31-year-old man resisted and tried everything from the breast shield to the pumping. Finally, she was told by a health nurse not to stress about breastfeeding.

– giving up breastfeeding is not something you take lightly. I think all new mothers know that. One will do the best for the baby, and all we have learned is that breast milk is the best, she said, adding that she is happy to have heard the nurse's advice.

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