Samsung phone costs 21,000 – defect after two days


E24: During the year, smartphones are launched with a relatively new concept compared to those we know today. They come with foldable screens.

Among them is Samsung's Galaxy Fold, which is just around the corner. Norwegian customers can sign up for a booking list as of April 26 and delivery will begin on May 3.

The question is whether or not some customers will think twice before doing so, especially with regard to the indicative price of NOK 21,000.

For several analysts, the only ones who have so far received the phone report that becomes worthless after only a few days.

Defective display

This applies, among other things, to the test specimen that the CNBC media agency received. When the phone is opened, the left side of the screen blinks constantly.

The same thing happened with the Bloomberg telephone. Its reviewer speculated at the same time that the defect may be caused by the removal of what appears to be a classic screen saver, which all smartphones come with and which is common to boot when using the phone.

In Galaxy Fold, however, this is not something to be removed, but he did not get the reviewer with them.

Also Marques Brownlee, who makes tech videos on YouTube, got into this trap.

Samsung responded with a statement stating that it is important to maintain the protection, and that they want to make sure that the phones that are on sale will make it clear that the protective layer should not be removed.

If the bugs reported, Samsung writes the following:

"A limited number of initial copies of the Galaxy Fold have been delivered to the media for testing, we received some comments about the screen on them, we want a careful review of those devices to determine the cause of the error."

200,000 folds

At the same time, the screen saver guide does not appear to be the complete answer. For CNBC this did not remove, but still had problems.

So it seems that advanced technology has certain weaknesses. Investors responded on Thursday by sending the Samsung stock down by about 3 percent.

However, the company should not be accused of not doing full investigations. They have their own machines that have tested how long it takes until the fold mechanism runs out.

The answer: about 200,000 folds. There will be over 100 per day if you distribute over five years.

Folding phones are also expected from Huawei, Motorola and Xiaomi, according to


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