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Ask if the posting has not been postponed.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was initially greeted by great enthusiasts and reviewers as well as ordinary and generally disinterested people.

Acknowledge the problems

In the last 24 hours, however, new cases have been reported where the foldable phone screen becomes completely useless. For some, this is because they took out a protective film that Samsung had pasted on the screen, while others had similar problems almost alone.

Now Samsung confirms that they are aware of the error and that they are trying to find out the cause.

Do not remove the protective film

They point out that in two of the cases, users have done what they should – namely take away the protective film which, unfortunately, is a little too accessible if someone pulls a nail along one of the corners of the phone. These should not under any circumstances be removed from Samsung, nor should an external protective film be placed on the screen.

Samsung says that in the future they will be more aware of pointing the outermost layer of the screen and that that head should not be removed. Some people should have it in large print when they took the phone out of the box for the first time, while others think they have never seen such a thing.

The delivery is therefore still May 3, unless we are informed of something else before that date.



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