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Right after the flu vaccine – VG

IT IS MANDATORY: FHI reports that they do not have enough flu vaccines to cover the national need. Risk groups should be given priority. Photo: Gisle Oddstad

Due to the global demand for flu vaccine due to the corona pandemic, FHI has only managed to get enough to cover two-thirds of the need.

In a press release on Monday, the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) writes that they will soon be empty and should ration the last doses.

Rationing also applies to doses sold in pharmacies, they emphasize. The remaining doses should be prioritized for the target groups. This includes people with weakened immune systems and people over 65 years of age.

– Due to the corona pandemic, there has been a record high demand for influenza vaccine in the target groups for vaccination, writes the National Institute of Public Health.

– The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) has approx. 60,000 doses of regular flu vaccine left for high-risk groups and healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute the last doses so that as many recipients as possible receive, writes below.

Local differences

They say there will be differences across the country as to whether or not a vaccine is needed. Many counties and health funds made extra requests for flu shots this fall, but some left faster than others.

– Now we receive a series of questions from both health personnel and municipalities that are starting to run out of vaccines and that it is difficult to prioritize who should receive and who should not, says NIPH senior advisor Kjersti Rydland.

She emphasizes that people from high-risk groups should consult the municipality’s website to find out how they can be vaccinated against influenza and get in touch.

Global demand

According to NIPH, the shortage is due to the increase in global demand for the flu vaccine due to the pandemic corona and the fear of double infections, coinciding epidemic peaks and consequent capacity problems in the health service.

This year, FHI obtained 1.2 million doses, which cover just two-thirds of the need.

– We have been trying to get several doses for a long time, but so far we have not succeeded. Of course, we’re still working on bringing more doses to Norway, says Rydland

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