Wednesday , January 27 2021

Review: “Star Wars” – NRK – Revised “Star Wars” song by song

TELEVISION: It was the semifinal of “Star Wars”. Knut Marius, Ingeborg and Sandra fought for two final tickets. Ingeborg Winther had to be beaten at the finish line this time.

We review the artists’ performances song by song. Read more below.


We review

Knut Marius: «Disco Inferno» – The Trammps

Then it will be decided – the final pair next Saturday will be selected. There was no lack of praise in the case of Knut Marius this season, and that he is an obvious favorite is no secret. But – he has two tough opponents to face. In other words, nothing is decided until the votes are counted.

Knut Marius also deals with the disco, of course. This is a song that does not present great challenges for your flute. And, normally, when there is little technical resistance, Knut Marius is easy to take off. There will be a lot of pathos and vocal cord flexion. But fun and entertaining, and it looks like the main character himself is brilliantly happy with the theme.

We review

Ingeborg: «I’m so excited» – The Pointer Sisters

Ingeborg’s great strength is that she always knows how to balance the energies. It’s never too much or too little – elegant and in place, you might say. Ingeborg dances and smiles while making vocal presentations on the top shelf. The music sounds simple, but there are many pieces that must fit here for the music to fly. And it’s true. Does it smell like a final ticket?

We review

Sandra: «Hot Stuff» – Donna Summer

Sandra is said to have had problems with a voice that disappeared this week. It is not immediately noticeable, although she struggles to get the notes right initially, a problem that also appears throughout the song. Which is not a normal diet for Sandra. Perhaps it is the choreography that steals the focus a lot? The high note at the end looks like a shot, but the vocal brilliance comes a little too late this time. But what a journey it has been for Sandra and there is no doubt that she made performances singing here that threw unsuspecting spectators to the ground.


We review

Knut Marius and Eli Kristin Hanssveen: “Barcelona” – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé

If it’s a duet, then it must be. In the classic spirit of Knut Marius, he chooses the less subtle songs. Here it is more or less allowed to give the maximum from start to finish and this opportunity, of course, does not give a finalist Knut Marius without a fight. Nothing is kept here and this time, it is perfectly normal not to put your seat belts on. For a singing performance – of the two, you should almost allow yourself to point. Few singers can bring home a technical venture of this format with a wide smile on their face. Congratulations.

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Ingeborg and Sondre Mulongo Nystrøm: «Say Something» – A Great Big World by Christina Aguilera

There weren’t that many ballads in Ingeborg this fall, so it’s good to hear it in this musical corner too. The music itself is not mega-exciting and does not offer the greatest vocal challenges. But it’s okay to hold it once, too. Strictly speaking, text communication is the most important here and there, Ingeborg is constant and generous.

We review

Sandra and Alexander Pavelich: “Shallow” – Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Sandra’s cool selection of songs and fun to see her be more “casual” – she often landed on more flashy songs. Here, the event is all low – it’s all about communication and emotions. Still a little sour here and there, but here the communication outperforms more. She sings, as always, impressively when she can use lung capacity and punch, but here were also the lines of the introductory verses in the lower register. For a runaway Sandra delivery here.

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