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returning, arrogance | Norway's 10 Most Arrogant People

Scoring the 10 most arrogant of Norway is demanding.

One thing is that there have been so many Norwegians through the ages. Another thing is that most of us may feel a serious crash. Especially when Norway earns gold in one or the other.

However, I was able to find the following list:

1) Bjørn Eidsvåg (musician): Is it because I'm old that NRK doesn't play my new song? more

2) Torbjørn Jagland (former politician): If at least 36.9% of you vote for me, I'll leave. more

3) Tom Tvedt (former president of sports): I don't want to give an idea of ​​pre-2015 sports association travel accounts. I want to look to the future. more

4) Petter Northug (former ski star): Fight the king ?! more

5) Jørgen Skavlan (GP): He scoffs at "juice therapists", "kale" and "gluten intolerance". More here

6) Jarle Aabø (Public Relations Consultant): Oslo City Council Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, in record time, has expanded into a study of style, with courtesy and belief in its own grandeur. more

7) Einar Førde (former Broadcasting Manager): If I haven't gone to bed before 11 am, I'll go home and go to bed. more

8) Kåre Valebrokk (former editor): An editorial board should not be near grazing cows. more

9) Nils Arne Eggen (Former Football Coach): Real Madrid, tried example! More here

10) Rune Gerhardsen (Former City Council Leader): Do it yourself. more

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