retail , E-COMMERCE – Bad customer service is the reason why more stores need to close


Jernia's boss says stores have "abused" customers over many years with poor service.

Many owe this to the growth of e-commerce as the main reason why many physical stores need to be closed, reports Dagens Næringsliv. The CEO of Jerna Espen Karlsen thinks this is wrong.

– We are responsible for our problems ourselves. For many years, the retailer managed to make good money without service. We have abused customers for many years and paid the bill for now, he tells DN.

Listen to what customers say

Karlsen believes we must listen to what customers say about why they prefer to shop online.

– It is to track the debate when the trading booth says that the reason for bankruptcies and closures is e-commerce and changed buying habits, he tells the newspaper.

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Jernia's boss believes it's amazing how bad the retail service is.

"With few exceptions, no one cares about you as a customer. Merchandise has been neglecting for many years. We just have to thank ourselves. We can not live abusing clients in this way, Karlsen tells DN.

GOOD EMPLOYEES: Harald J. Andersen believes it's more important than ever to have good employees in physical stores.
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– Important to have good employees

Harald J. Andersen is the trading director of the leading organization, Virke, and is very much in agreement with Karlsen.

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"In physical stores, it's more important than ever to have employees who are good advisers and who can help create a good experience, it was easily taken to the retail industry," Andersen tells DN.

The director believes that the whole business should be based on creating enthusiasm and desire to get to the store.

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