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play: Pre-orders start today – do not come to Norway.

Valve Index is the name of the new VR headset that can be pre-ordered today and has the same resolution as Vive Pro with 1440 x 1600.

Not for Norway

However, Vive Pro has better black levels, as it has chosen the AMOLED PenTile instead of the RGB LCD. However, the index has a trick up its sleeve, and it's the 120Hz screen upgrade against 90Hz and even a switch to the 144Hz beta test.

The product can be pre-ordered during the day and shipped on June 28. The price for headphones and controllers (with finger detection) is NOK 6500. With the base station, the price goes up to NOK 8600. Steam with Norwegian costume unfortunately reports that the product «not available in your country".

Indes are connected via DisplayPort and 1 x USB 2.0 or later. USB 3.0 is a camera requirement. If you have a video card with VirtualLink, you can use this standard to provide audio, power, and data.



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