Wednesday , January 27 2021

Police interrupted the Halloween party with more than 50 minors

Police were forced to stop a big Halloween party in Bardu County, Troms and Finnmark County, on Sunday night. It was carried out at a school, and the infection control measures “were not working,” according to the police.

– Nothing has been taken care of in terms of the guest list, access to alcohol and the 1 meter rule, Jørgen Ahlquist, manager of operations in the Troms police district, told Dagbladet.

He estimates that 50 to 60 minors were present at the party.

– They were drunk and no attempt was made to register the participants, says Ahlquist and points out the challenges of a possible infection detection.

The police then decided to end the party according to the advice and recommendations given by the national health authorities.

– The tenant was a man who was also not present. He was a minor member of his family and was listed as a co-organizer, but that does not apply, says the operations manager.

Dagbladet contacted one of the Halloween party participants and received a video of the venue. The person is not recognized in the police descriptions.

– Participants were registered with full name and telephone number. Most of those who were there were over 18, the participant tells Dagbladet.

The party was not organized under the auspices of the school, the police confirm.

OSLO: The Minister of Health and Assistance Services Bent Høie (H) on the status of the crown in the capital. Video: Ministry of Health. Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB
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– was threatened

The night before Sunday, the police in Nordland also had to prevent a party at a private address in Bodø. Was wrong.

– When the police arrived at the scene and expelled the participants, they were threatened by one of the guests. The intoxicated person in his 20s was arrested and reported, writes the Nordland police district Twitter.

A Russian party in the municipality of Spydeberg in Østfold and in the county of Viken also went wrong on Sunday night.

– We ended the party when several unwanted guests showed up, writes the Eastern Police District Twitter.

Barking together in Drammen

In Drammen, two tough cocks barked together behind the Bragernes church at 1:25 am.

– When we arrived, they were almost finished, and it might seem that one of them had “won”. Both were local and in their 20s. The reason must have been jealousy, writes the Southeast police district on Twitter.

One of them was taken to the emergency room for a check after the fight. Both are being reported for the case, the police emphasized.

MANY INFECTIONS: Oslo is facing more and more infections. The leader of the city council thinks the situation is serious. Video: Celina Morken / Frode Andresen / Dagbladet
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Announces new corona measures

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) announced on Friday at the government press conference that new national corona measures will be introduced next week. The new measures are introduced as a result of the increase in infection in Norway.

– The Norwegian Board of Health and the National Institute of Public Health were tasked with recommending new measures so that we can maintain control. The measures will be targeted at areas where we now see that the infection is increasing, Solberg said.

It is not yet clear what the new measures will consist of, but the prime minister has hinted that they are likely to be measures primarily aimed at preventing local outbreaks.

Ship doctor on dead infected ship

Ship doctor on dead infected ship

Oslo is among the cities where the number of new corona cases has risen sharply recently. Councilor Raymond Johansen (H) also left on Friday and announced new measures for the capital on Monday.

– I am concerned about this and we are working to reduce the numbers. We will have a press conference on Monday, where we will present new measures, Johansen told NRK.

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