Pink – – Race for the photographic drama about her son (2)


The pop star Pink (39), or Alecia Beth Moore as she is called, is best known for her beautiful voice and countless hits. But for many she is well known for her temperament.

So it may not be a shock when she recently engaged her own followers on Instagram, where she has come forward with strong criticism of the many online roles that exist in social media.

The criticisms, however, did not come totally unfounded. The artist posted a family photo in her own account on Instagram, where she and the two children, Willow (7) and Jameson (2), greet a pelican by the pool.

– Are you serious?

Many follow the mark on the lack of pants on the son, and negative comments began to flow, reports Today. The whole thing resulted in the deletion of the 39-year-old's image, then posting again, but in a wired version. In the text of the photo, she struggles against the consequences.

"There is something seriously wrong with many of you out there to shake my son's penis?" "About the circumcision?" "Are you serious?" Like any mother on the beach, I did not even realize he had taken off his diaper. unpleasant, "she writes.

With a sarcastic tone, the artist ended up describing everything he did when the photo was taken.

"Here's a picture of the pelican that we obviously took and mistreated for hours before we hung a babysitter on his face."

Strict mother

If we want to believe in it, it's not just in social media that the singer can seem a bit rigid. She had already told people that she was very interested in following the rules at home, and that she turned out to be a mother as fearful as she was when she was younger.

"I'm obsessed with rules while my husband is" Mr. Fun, "she says in the interview.

She is pointing to former motocross professional Carey Hart (43), with whom she has been married since 2006.

Everything I do as a father is what I swore I should never do. My husband promised me I would not be a "bad cop" at home, but then I did, anyway, said Pink at the time.

The rock star, who himself has a rebellious image, insists on teaching his children honesty. She also tries to teach her son not to be afraid to show emotion while she tells her daughter that she must be tougher since she is a girl.

He had to sew 13 stitches

In her relationship with her husband, Carey, she is no stranger to saying what she thinks and does not hide that they had some problems in the marriage.

This happened when the Grammy winner was invited as Ellen DeGeneres in the Burning Questions game earlier this year.

On the question "How is the stupidest way you got hurt?" Pink replied:

Cutting pieces!

"How old were you?" The presenter asked.

"Not too long ago," she replied, adding that it was the tires of her husband's car that were talking.

– It happened on Thanksgiving (in November, journ.anm.). Vacations are stressful, Pink said – with loud laughter from the audience.

"How many tires did you destroy?"

– I passed at first without problems, but then became a bit more tired of the next. His tires are very thick, so I hit the metal part and the knife cut straight into my hand. I had to sew 13 stitches.

"But I did not need anesthesia." I did not feel anything, the pop star laughs.

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