Ordering accessories for "Mini Switch"


play: The Chinese manufacturer suggests that the mini version of the Switch is on the way.

The fact that Nintendo can create a "mini" version of
your console Switch has been something that fans have been reflecting for quite some time. Nintendo
even never came away with anything that suggests they are planning a Mini Switch
– But, of course, this does not prevent the reputation of the Internet or the producers
of accessories to assume that will become a reality.

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Honson is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing console gaming accessories for over 15 years, such as covers, screensavers, carrying cases and the like. They also started with these products for the console market – for consoles not yet on the market.

So of course it is worrying that they have posted several products on their pages, which are described directly as accessories for the "Nintendo Mini Switch". The images show what appears to be a smaller version of the Switch – but that does not have the removable controls – and with a slightly different configuration of the buttons. It has been speculated that Honson, as an accessory manufacturer, may have received prototypes or specifications directly from Nintendo to have products like these ready.

You may have betrayed for your attention.

But on the other hand, there are also some things that do not fully support this theory. None of the product images shows a real "mini" device, but rather 3D representations and clearly manipulated images that are put together as illustrations.

Second, Honson even released a YouTube video for the products
with the following, subtle comment to:

In other words, it could also be that the Chinese manufacturer tried only to be "lead is" – and guessed that Nintendo could come up with something that was close to what they believed and then wanted ready-made accessories.

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