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Numbers to be fired by Solskjær

TRUST ALL: Ander Herrera was back, and managed to show how important he is to the team, but did not win anyway. Photo: PAUL ELLIS / AFP

Two wins, one draw and seven defeats in ten games usually means one thing for a Manchester United coach: Kick.

If circumstances had been different, if it had not been exactly one month since everyone had smiled and Ole Gunnar Solskjær was hired by the summer of 2022, would probably have finished after the worst tikamp positions in United since the 1973/74 relegation season.

He certainly will not be fired now but will hardly tolerate anything similar to this upcoming season. The dramatic failure meant that the pressure will be much higher in Solskjaer when the Premier League start again in August, especially since a place in the Champions League seems to smoke after 1-1 against Chelsea.

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Manchester United have only taken seven of 21 points in the last seven games. Where a few weeks ago it was hard to imagine that Solskjær would end up in a threatened position as manager, the situation was completely changed in record time.

BAD TIME: Ole Gunnar Solskjær swinging the ball to Ashley Young. United has hunted a winning goal, but Maurizio Sarris Chelsea was against. Photo: John Peters / Manchester United

The Norwegian coach, however, hangs a little on the ropes, he gets a verbal battle after another and it's not so easy to defend himself. His smile is no longer so charming to fans, everything he says is characterized by bad results and more and more people are talking about "this job is too big for Solskjaer."

And even if it is not the media that decides who controls Manchester United, the pressure usually gives a good indication. More and more people express little confidence and distrust of Solskjaer, not just in the newspapers with the biggest letters.

Warm followers have also changed their minds, as the Manchester Evening News chief executive Samuel Luckhurst. February 22, he declared to "The question is no longer if Ole Gunnar Solskjær gets United's coaching job, but When".

March 1, Luckhurst wrote that "Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should get the job, even if Manchester United did not qualify for the Champions League or win the FA Cup." And, in the United newspaper podcast, he stated after the nomination that it really can not be considered the good work that Solskjær did before the spring of 2021 in two years, although Luckhurst has said that much can happen at the time.

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Things happened very quickly. On Friday, the same man told VG that it was wrong to hire Solskjær as early as the end of March, that Solskjær "probably not" is the right candidate for the job, but that he deserves the time until December before being tried.

In a month's work, Solskjær became the wrong man and lost a year and a half of patience …

Michael Cox, ESPN affiliate soccer manager who manages the reputable site, has no patience at all. In the popular podcast Totally football He suggested at the head of the midweek meeting with Manchester City that United should return to the Solskjaer decision, realizing that it "collapsed" and preferred to catch a more experienced manager.

NEW TAB: David de Gea loses the ball, Marcos Alonso pokes him through the post. Photo: Mike Egerton / EMPICS Sport

But United also tried some of the industry's most experienced managers, but it was not particularly good. The club has been groping for six years, Solskjær has taken on a rather chaotic group and has not yet bought a single player.

Its results are still strong, although the whole has been drowned in the brutal fall of the last month.

Manchester United have met all the teams once in the series under Solskjaer. In one of those 19 matches, United are in third place, nine points behind Manchester City and seven behind Liverpool, but seven ahead of Arsenal and eight ahead of Tottenham and Chelsea.

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Success can become your enemy

Against Chelsea, it looked pretty good until David de Gea left again. The Spanish goalkeeper saved Manchester United for many years, but fails when Solskjaer needs him most.

United opened with fierce enthusiasm and inflexible combinations rarely seen this season. The formation was more secure with four behind, Matic and Herrera were back as Pogba, Mata was creative and fighting at the top of the middle of the diamond and the Spanish score of 1-0 came after a prelude that makes one of the best of 46 United scored in all 27 Solskjaer matches.

Trond Johannessen, journalist, international football.

But when Chelsea settled in, the break was remarkably complete, and the second half showed again what a formidable task awaits Solskjær.

Now it will be a full summer of buying and selling, and it still seems like he should lead the player's logistics without a long-sought sports director. There will also be a summer full of training, both physically, in combat after the fall battle, but at least tactical. How does Solskjær want United to play to challenge the best teams? What's the big plan? How should United create its new identity, its basic offensive game?

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Solskjær can not be harmed

Not a single manager in the world who could tie in his legs a United team that can challenge the league ball Next season, but after last month's results, Solskjær should at least give fans the hope that better times are not so far away.

He led Manchester United to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and the FA Cup, he raised the team close to "top four" in the league but much indicates that this spring ends with losses on all fronts.

The many victories in the beginning belong to the past.

Now Ole Gunnar Solskjær will prove he belongs to the future of United.

Ps! Manchester United are in sixth place. It is still possible to be in the top four, with two series rounds again. But if Tottenham clinch one and Chelsea three points, it is probably driven by United's poor goal difference. Arsenal are also one point ahead and will certainly keep United behind them with two wins.

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