Now the toll resistance on the left is growing. In Drammen, LO protests against tolls on May 1.


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In Sandnes, Ap's spokesman, Stanley Wirak, started a toll rebellion on the left. He has stepped down in the renegotiations of the local toll agreement, which will provide billions for road and collective projects.

After he first contributed to the rush hour rate, he turned around. The fee is antisocial and should fade, he believes.

– Although few like tolls, people can live with them. But the peak hourly rate is a huge extra charge. Many residents have to pay both ways in the boom. Over the course of a year, it corresponds to almost a monthly salary paid by some, says Wirak.

With a passport chip and two daily passes, the boom costs NOK 16,000 per year. Rush hour rate is half.

Wirak received support from the Ap-rapporteur in Randaberg, as well as Ap in Sola and Stavanger.

In recent decades, tolls have become an important cornerstone for financing major road and public transport projects, and there has been broad political support. First, it was Frp who opposed it.

Across the country, from Hammerfest in the north to Kristiansand in the south, new toll projects are being planned.

But in the traditionally toll-friendly Labor Party, Rogaland politicians are not alone in the point of view. Last fall, Ap in Arendal opposed the introduction of tolls.

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Make toll for May 1

– Many of our members are brutally affected by this flat tax, which does not take into account the size of people's wallet, says Gard Hofsvang for free movement.

He is the leader in Drammen and the surrounding LO area. At an extraordinary council meeting in the LO department, it was recently decided that "No to unsociable tolls" will be conditional on May 1,

"We want to send a clear message to our elected representatives that it is enough," they say in a statement.

The LO department does not completely reject tolls, but sets clear requirements: strong reductions in bus prices, as well as free passage, or other measures, for those with low incomes.

There has long been an agreement in the Drammen area about building an expansion ring as part of a so-called urban growth agreement with the state. It will guarantee billions for various transportation projects.

A few days ago, however, Drammen Right warned that they were opposed. Thus, the election of autumn can end with Drammen, as in Arendal, becoming one of the first cities to say no to such an agreement.

Such agreements are planned as an important instrument in transport policy in the coming years. One of the main goals of Storting is zero growth in passenger car traffic and then the rush hour rate among the people you know works.

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Will tear down road construction to bring down tolls

Last week, a poll shook Bergen. Popular action is no longer likely to be the third largest city council by 16.9%.

Among the parties established in the city, the Frp has opposed tolls for many years. But it's also red.

– The main problem is that it is a flat tax, which also randomly affects where people live, says Sofie Marhaug, leader of the Red group in Bergen.

Several places in the country, the party scored last year against the tolls for the same reason, including in Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg and Kristiansand.

– The polluter pays mantra works for those who have bad advice. But those with money need not think about it, Marhaug also says.

The solution of the party is simple: if the goal is zero growth, the main road projects should be abandoned, while large collective projects are financed by the state budget. Now, Marhaug fears that resistance to tolls at the site could help prevent the Bybanen from developing.

"It's too arrogant to laugh at opponents of the toll. Many people are paying for Bybanen today, but they do not enjoy it.

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The union supports the rush-hour rebellion

Recently, Sandnes Mayor Wirak received support from Fagforbundet in Rogaland. They organize many low-paid municipal officials, and point out in a statement that their members are among the hardest hit.

– It is the first support of the trade union movement. This is a fixed charge that affects those who have less, who usually have a job that allows them to spend the boom ring at certain times. So it's good that the union movement is with us, says Wirak.

He hopes that the Conservative Party's turnaround in Drammen may affect the right side in Rogaland.

"Negotiations are an employment war. But they dim every day as we approach the election. There will be no rush hour rate with us, says the fixed mayor.

The stand is shared by the SV in Rogaland. For the SV National Assembly, they proposed that the party should oppose toll-financed road projects.

– Single mothers should not be hit by tolls, said veteran of Rogaland's Sigve Romslo party.

But the party leadership opposed it, and the proposal was not considered in substance.


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