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See the intricate design.

This week's first comments on the Galaxy Fold started appearing on the internet, but it was not long before matters were signed by several people who had received a test drive.

Several who reported the foldable device noticed that the screen stopped working. We discussed the problem through several previous ITavisen articles – Samsung says they have initiated investigations.

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Complex design

Now we have to remember that this is a first generation product. The fact that Galaxy Fold has childhood illnesses should come as no surprise. Of course this does not remove the seriousness of the problem, but in the next generation we should see some powerful improvements.

Much of the reason people experience problems with Galaxy Fold is that it is such a complicated product with such an intricate design system that even a small flaw can make the device useless.

In Weibo, images of a Galaxy Fold appeared in disassembled condition. This gives us insight into how the foldable smartphone stays inside.

How expensive is it to change the screen?

We should not try to describe or explain all the details – this is a complex unit with many small pieces, which increases the likelihood of something being destroyed. It will be exciting to see how much it will cost to change the screen.

The articulating mechanism seems to consist of five components, all of which must be positioned perfectly for the actual folding mechanism to function.

You can also see the two batteries, which gives the Fold a capacity of 4380 mAh.

See the rest of the photos in the gallery below:

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