Monday , October 18 2021

Now Red collects the term "pamphlet". They still do not get a dime from LO.


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While the LO family is serving millions for the three red and green parties ahead of this year's election campaign, Red lives from hand to mouth.

Party Secretary Benedikte Pryneid Hansen acknowledges that Røde does not have the money to run an election campaign.

"But we have a fantastic ground-floor team, even if we do not get to the other parts of our knees when it comes to economic muscles.

– It is not natural to support Red

In April, a unanimous board of Fagforbundet, LO's largest union, awarded DKK 10.5 million to AP, SV and Sp.

The ap receives about half of the money, NOK 5 million. In addition, Ap receives an annual "activity support" from Fagforbundet of 1 million. Thus, Fagforbundet gives a total of NOK 6 million for AP in 2019.

The SV receives NOK 1.25 million and 1 million in "activity support" – a total of NOK 2.25 million for the current year. Sp receives the same as SV – 2.25 million.

"We do not think it natural to support Red," said the head of Fagforbundet, Mette Nord, to Aftenposten.

Sp cooperates with the Conservatives in many counties. In Trøndelag, there is formalized cooperation between Sp and Right, both in the new county council and in Trondheim.

Red makes escape

At the same time, red is pouring into the measurements. In the last six months, the party was well over the limit. In Oslo, the party was close to 10% in several measurements. Background figures show that Red steals many disgruntled voters from the AP, but the party also receives voters from the SV and Sp.

Several union representatives and local leaders in the trade union movement are also members of the Network.

At the weekend's national meeting, a partisan effort is made from party leadership to pass itself off to the trade union movement.

Today's criticisms of the party's program against the "pamphlet" is proposed to be excluded. There are, however, many delegates who believe that the "pamphlet" gives a good description of the realities and that the administration in parts of the trade union movement has a very high salary and many benefits.

The unanimous statement of the program committee on the removal of criticism of the bomb will be announced on Sunday.

Are you a true red picker?

– Red is fighting more for LO demands

Hansen says he understands that the text on the pamphlet can scare the peaks of the trade union movement.

"But it should have been no problem." They prefer to see that we work completely according to the demands of the trade union movement. And at this national meeting we also removed these formulations.

– Red is the party that fights more for LO demands. We always get full scores on LO searches when they ask about the parties' views on LO issues, says Hansen.

She points out that "Red's 100 elected representatives across the country in Kragerø, Bodø, Gjøvik and Oslo" work hard for decent working conditions, recommendations and against wellness professionals.

This is entirely in keeping with the demands of the trade union movement.

– The LO leader must go ahead

Rødt's well-known mayor in Stavanger, Mímir Kristjánsson, says the party is not accustomed to having money and that "we do enough without, now too."

– But what is stupid is that many in Red who do a great job in Fagforbundet and LO, receive an unapproved seal on the forehead of Mette Nord and the leader of LO. It is a pity.

Many at Red, who do a great job at Fagforbundet and LO, receive an unapproved seal on the forehead of Mette Nord and the LO leader. It is a pity.

– Red can no longer be treated as a part B on the left side of LO management. I think it goes without saying that the union movement in 2021 deals with Red just as they treat the other red-green parties and distribute support after the support of the parties. The LO leader must go ahead, he says.

The Central Care LO does not provide monetary support for the local election campaign. This is how it is this year.

Red received "small money" from local clubs. In 2017, they received NOK 50,000 from the Oslo Department of Confederation. In the same year, Red received NOK 50,000 from the Norwegian Trade and Industry Workers' Union (NNN).

In 2019, Rødt did not receive a single penny from only private individuals like Bjørnar Moxnes (NOK 27,000), Torstein Dahle (NOK 39,000) and Sigurd Allern (NOK 12,000).

Mette Nord, from Fagforbundet, says they have had a collaboration with the three red and green parties since 2005.

"But why do you give money to Sp and not Red?"

– The National Assembly of Fagforbundet in 2017 decided to continue cooperation from 2005. A proposal for cooperation and financial support for Red fell.

She says the pillars of collaboration with Ap, SV and Sp are "tripartite cooperation and a clear mark against centralization".

– But is red clearly against centralization and ready for academic rights?

– We do not cooperate with Rødt in policy development. We were not even invited to do so, says Nord.

– Has Rødt's pamphlet formulations been important?

– Red has created some enemy images against the trade union movement, yes. It must be said.

"But has this been important?"

"It's probably one side of it all, yes.

– Do you think that this can change and that the union can change?

– Now we see what is happening locally and nationally. It's over until 2021. We'll also wait to see which programs the parties go to for the election then.

LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen will not ask for an interview. He will not answer questions about what he thinks Red receives zero crowns and if he will take the initiative to change it in front of the LO Congress in 2021.

The information department of the LO informs by e-mail that Gabrielsen is behind the decision of the Congress and that it does not advance in what happens in two years.

LO's chief of public relations and strategic work, Wegard Harsvik, says why Rødt is not supported.

– That was decided by the LO Congress. No particular reason was given as to why Red did not.

– But many respond to the fact that Sp, who locally also cooperates a lot with the right side, gets support while Red can not. Why does it happen?

– This is the congress that decided. I can not imagine what the congress is thinking here.

– Red robs disaffected voters of Ap and voters of SV and Sp. Would it be natural for the LO Congress to go back before the parliamentary elections?

"Congress should decide that in 2021," Harsvik says.

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