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Now Commodore 64 Back – full-size

Some of the games included.

( When the mini version of Commodore 64 came out some time ago, several people might have expected that the machine's keyboard had worked.

Now comes the solution, because the same people did the full version, simply called "THE C64" without the "mini" behind it, which is simply a large-scale relaunch of the popular 1982 "breadbox".

The machine can be started directly in the BASIC modes of the C64 or VIC20, or in a special game carousel that allows you to choose from 64 classics that arrived on the platform – as in the mini console.

Additional upgrades are four USB ports, external disk support and signal output for newer screens via HDMI (50hz and 60hz).

It also comes with a new controller with microswitches, the ability to activate CRT filters and the ability to upgrade all hardware with future firmware.

The planned launch is from December 5 to about 1200 kroner.

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