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In the notification sent to the board of the Alpine national team and the Norwegian Ski Federation, words such as "regulatory techniques", "ridicule", "invisibility" and the use of "severe reprimand" are used when describing the leadership style of Christian Mitter.

It is this health staff of the national team of the Alps who says they have had enough.

On February 22, that is, shortly after the Alpine Ski Championships, they sent a warning letter of almost three A4 pages for the management of the national team of the Alps and the Norwegian Ski Federation. The same notification must have been sent to the Labor Inspection Authority.

The health team of the Alpine national team is composed of eight people: two doctors and six manual therapists. All these eight will withstand the alert.

Accused of ridiculing

The letter states, among other things:

"Unfortunately, more in the health care team is about to give up, indicating that Mitter's behavior is an important contributing factor to its end. If the situation does not change, more people will probably stop."

In the notification, a general concern is expressed about the working environment of the Alpine national team. They also write that they are concerned about the coaches and the service men who work for the team.

In the letter, several specific episodes are pointed out. Something that goes back is the experience of being reprimanded.

"Mitter undoubtedly possesses a number of strong qualities as a skitrainer and organizer, but in our eyes his philosophy and practice of dealing with staff is so unfortunate that it must be asked if he should have a central leadership position. writings and examples of all of the health team, where the key words are the regular use of dominant techniques such as ridicule, invisibility and abrupt reprimand before others, "he says.

Mitter comes with the following statement for NRK:

"I am aware that there has been a warning against me regarding my leadership style and manner of communication. I take feedback seriously, and at the outset it is necessary for me to find out more about it and I want us to do it in an orderly and constructive way, "Mitter says.

In addition, he does not want to make further statements at this time.

Shake: – I think we'll figure this out.

Christian Mitter has been the coach of the national team since taking command of Håvard Tjørhom in 2015. He was born in Austria and is himself a former mountaineer.

Mitter has also been assistant coach of the Norwegian Alpine team. In 2009, his contract was terminated, stating that the union could not afford to keep it.

He then moved to a position at the ski school in Dønski. There were climbers like the students of Henrik Kristoffersen and Sebastian Foss Solevåg.

Shake and Mitter

Claus Ryste (t.v.) and Christian Mitter during the World Cup in Kitzbühel in 2016.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

In this ski school, Claus Ryste was chief. Ryste is now the sporting manager of the Alpine national team, and was the first to receive the notification against Mitter.

"I do not have the opportunity to comment on internal issues when it comes to our employees, but I think we're going to solve it in a good way," Ryste tells NRK. Nor does Ryste want to comment further.

More conflicts

The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority will neither confirm nor deny that you received a notification.

– All warnings and tips received by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority are confidential and therefore exempt from public disclosure. We can not therefore confirm or deny having received notification of conditions in the Norwegian Skiing Federation, says Morten Kjerstad Larsen at the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.

The new alert joins several conflicts around the national Alpine team. The team has already had challenges related to finance and, in addition, two parallel cases with Henrik Kristoffersen have characterized the winter.

The Alpine national team and Kristoffersen recently met in court, and are still awaiting a ruling on the matter. Kristoffersen sued the defendant. He wants, among other things, to run the Red Bull logo on the ski helmet.

After the Alpine World Ski Championships, it was clear that Kristoffersen will not be able to train more with the rest of the national team this season. This should not be directly related to the case of Red Bull, but rather deal with internal issues of the team.

– Based on the conflict and everything hosted, it is good that all parties focus on training work and implementation of the season. That is the best solution, said Ryste when it was learned that Kristoffersen should not train more with the team this season.


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